Sewing and Stitchery Expo 2016

So. I did a thing. By myself. And guess what? I was fun!
I found out on a fluke that there was a huge, 30,000 plus visitors convention just 30 minutes north east of me. I tried to talk everyone (and their grandmother, literally) into going with me. Unfortunately, no one was up for a sewing expo, so I went on one of my days off all alone. :) I snapped a couple of pictures here and there but honestly, sometimes it was awkward taking pictures of people's things when I wasn't buying anything. So I'd snap one here, snap one there, but I didn't take a ton. I just thought I'd share what I did get though.

There were tons of classes, even more vendors, a few stages with people doing free talks, food vendors that rivaled hot dog/nacho vendors at baseball games...and lots and lots of fabrics. Tons of the booths were for quilting and embroidery which I don't relate to. But a few gems. Like buckets of zippers and bins FULL of lace applique pieces. 

And this. These beautiful, stunning, pieces of wool. Wooooow. I loved these. They were all so soft and vibrant and lustrous. Unfortunately, the $84/yard price tag didn't fit into my budget at this time.

They had the kids Figgy coat on display with this fabric and it was so perfect!

*Jaw Drop* I would LOVE to be able to do this type of embroidery on cardigans and purses. It's so elegant! 

The owner of Sew Chic patterns was there and I got to peruse over her impeccable samples that she has of each of her designs. I was particularly loving the Valentine Slip! Although, I didn't end up purchasing it. Something about owning a million patterns I haven't sewn.
She has a mini version of the London Coat Dress on display and it was so cute I just had to have the picture.

I got to touch all the pretty Tula Pinks that I usually only get to see online. /Swoon. Another shop also offered lots of unique prints. Some were too adorable! I don't know how I left without purchasing fabric. 

This was so adorable. I wish I had had a project in mind for my nephews. It's a rarity to find cute boy fabric for me.

This just seemed SO Dolly Clackett. Doesn't she have a million Cambie's made out of lobster fabric?

If I quilted this is what I would do! This booth had so many incredible quilt pieces that were super unique. This quilt is by Laura Heine, she sells kits here if you're interested.

The cherry on top - I met the UpCraftClub girls! (Jess, Elizabeth, and I) They were both super nice and very helpful. They explained a little more what UpCraftClub is about, too. Basically they have a subscription service where you can purchase patterns at discounted prices. Each pattern is tested for quality and has to pass their "certification." So you know each pattern you purchase through the UCC is going to be a quality pattern that is well drafted. Also, they're working on (and have some) getting PDF patterns into local fabric shops so you can see the fabric requirements, purchase the fabric, and purchase the pattern all at one location! 
I got to spin a cute wheel of discounts and I won 25% off so I purchase a small bag I've had my eye on, the Leather Accent Fold Over Pouch. It's something I probably could have found a free tutorial as I've made zippered pouches before, but it just is simpler to cut out a pattern than to measure / cut / round corners / factor in seam allowances... etc. (I'm a lazy.)

OK. Last but DEFINITELY not least. I purchased a new sewing machine! I picked the Janome Skyline S7 after wasting a bunch of people's time at Bernina. :D The other machine I was looking at was the Bernina 560 for $3,000 but I just can't justify that. Even if they were offering 5 year financing. The Janome Skyline S7 is a kick ass machine and I can't wait to get it in my house! I should be able to pick it up Thrusday. I got a super deal on it because it was one they used for classes during the Expo. So it's been sewn on by someone for about 9 hours. However! It still has full warranty and I saved about $500 on the purchase price.

Anywho. I'm very excited about this upgrade! Can't wait to start sewing. :)
The Expo was a ton of fun an I'll definitely go again, (even if it's by myself.) or maybe to the next local one coming up in November.


  1. Congrats on the new sewing machine and saving $500 on it! I have not been to a sewing related expo in years but I used to have loads of fun at them. I should look for one in my area. I'd probably have to go alone too. :P

  2. Oh i am so jealous! I wish i could afford that machine.

  3. You'll have to plan ahead next year and attend a class, and the fashion shows, I always go alone, that way I can look at just what I want to.