Sunday Lately: Week 60

It's SUNDAY again, that means time for only an 8 hour shift rather than a 10.5 hour shiiiiift! You know you work in retail when you're excited about an 8 hour shift. :P (I'm sure same can be said for military, medical, firefighters, policemen... ok. I've invalidated my own complaint. What I meant to start with was the ironically annoying "#blessed." 

Goals! Yes, not what I would have thought of as goals a month ago. But I've been setting sales goals, meeting, and exceeding them. Which is new and exciting for me. It's panning out to be a much better and more enjoyable job than expected. :)

Some co-workers turned friends took me out this week and it was really great to find some people to be friendly with. I feel like I say this a lot, but it's all just a part of finding your place in your new home and with time comes connections. Patience is not my virtue. 

"Attitude of gratitude." It's SO easy to fall into feeling sorry for myself over god knows what, making up excuses, finding flaws rather than finding happiness. I have SO many great people, things, and circumstances in my life that I really don't *need* anything more. 

Did I mention that my man cooked me a Valentine's dinner that was DELICIOUS!

The weekly Raglan Pattern Reviews! Some coupons are still active and we still have about four more weeks to go, so make sure to check in every Thursday. If you missed any from my posts, check out the previous weeks here.

I'm still working out my crazy work schedule, my home schedule, and trying to schedule in some sewing time! Once I tackle my work schedule, I think every thing will fall into place. There are also some local yoga studios that I want to join / check out, but all in good time!

Hey - this isn't related AT ALL. But I died laughing for like 5 minutes. So, maybe you'll enjoy it. 

Next week's prompts are Planning, Loving, Reading, Wishing, Feeling. You can join us by clicking the button below! <3
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