Pattern Testing: Haute Skinny Skirt - Wardrobe by Me

The days are slipping away! Summer is over and I haven't been swimming ONE TIME. I feel like I can't breathe. /anxiety attack. We're on the verge of a huge move. Huge. Like cross country huge. Just so much everything! The feels. 
Ok. I got to this point because I was going to explain why my pictures are so dark. I have always come home from work and snapped a few pics for the blog if I wasn't able to do it on the weekend, but now I'm getting home and the light is like this. : / 
Bye Summer, you were hot in your prime but your really becoming cold, dark, and bitter; I'll be honest, it's just not attractive.  

So - on to the reason you're here. The sewing, the pattern, the goods. :) This is my latest test and from a new-to-me designer Wardrobe By Me. Behind the brand is a Denmark born gal Christina Albeck who boasts more than 20 years pattern drafting experience for Denmark clothing lines. Christina is a complete gem to work with (I can say that since I'm southern right?) Anywho darlins', she's wonderful.

P.S. I shamefully had to google where Denmark was. Way to make me feel like a dumb American "United States-ian," me! It's above Germany, but I know you already knew that. If map drafting were up to me, we'd probably all die.

Christina came out with this little stunner, a skin tight skinny skirt. Lemme tell ya, they call these wiggle skirts for a reason! Slow down long stride, you ain't gettin' nowhere. 
The skirt features paneled sides, a side leg slit and an invisible zipper. 

^This picture^ is for science (sewing) purpose, because this looks seriously weird. I promise my butt doesn't always look like this, this is just awk and long and lumpy. 


That thread is driving me nuts^ Let's pretend we don't see it. ;)

Something I want to mention as someone who is still newer to sewing - these are not beginner patterns. Christina said that she writes the patterns that treat sewers like they know what their doing. There is no hand holding and I struggled with a few parts but I was able to persevere and complete the skirt. :) (Honestly, it wasn't that hard, but a few things were confusing to me that I think someone with slightly more experience wouldn't have thought twice about) I think this is actually a huge selling point for her patterns. So many people write patterns that "teach sewing" and I've heard people complain that it's gets boring and they'd just like some instructions that are for people who know how to sew. THESE PATTERNS ARE FOR YOU! If you're a confident intermediate sewer, I think you'll be fine with them as well. :) 

I made a size 4 graded to 6 in the hip area and it fits! Next time I believe I will use a fabric with more than 3% Lycra for some additional stretch which I also believe will help eliminate some of the drag-lines. Some of the testers used Ponte knit and their skirts look great and comfy! (Hello work skirt!) So I'll probably try that next time, too. (I sit at work and cannot have a waistband in my stomach for 8.5 hours so a knit skirt would be amaze.) 

Check out Christina's other patterns on Etsy here - Wardrobe by Me.  I think she has some unique designs that I'm excited to try like the Akinori dress. I have her new Mikki Dress and can't wait to make it. It will be a stunner for work. Maybe I can't stop violating dress code with my scandalous 2.1" above the knee dresses.

Black fabric from Joann's - Sateen with 3% lycra. $4.99 with 50% coupon for 3/4 yard = $3.75
Floral bottomweight from Joann's - 3% lycra. On clearance for $1.50/yard for 1.5 yards = $3.75 (I only used less than .75/yard.)
Notions - Thread $.50, zipper $2.99, interfacing $.50
Total estimated cost = $11.49  

I tested this pattern and was given the final draft of the pattern for free as well as a pattern of choice from Wardrobe By Me. (I chose the Mikki Dress!) However all opinions still remain my own. Can't buy me ;) Well.... maybe for enough fabric... but still probably not. ;)


  1. Looks very good on you and I really like the fabric choices. The side split is a very nice feature; I saw a woman wearing a skirt like that just yesterday, probably RTW.

    1. Thank you Jennifer! It was such a lucky clearance score at Joann's :)
      While I was there I was matching people's different shirts to patterns that I can use to make them! So, probably yes, RTW but it's nice to have a pattern to match. :)

  2. " If map drafting were up to me, we'd probably all die." <---this is making me die. of laughter and tears.

    Kyema, you are my favorite person right now. Seriously. You're adorable, I love what you make, and you have a sweet honesty about you. (Also, I hate moving so much that I'd almost consider leaving everything in my current place and just buying new so I didn't have to pack, haha.)

    1. Katy, your words are so sweet :) I'm going to carry that with me. "A sweet honesty" I hope I can forever be in a state of sweet honesty. It sounds like a dream..:) what else to do at midnight while in bed but check the blog...

      I'm totally on bored. Burn it all.... But I'll spare the fabric stash and my cats.... Probably my fiance, too. :)