Raglan Pattern Tour: Hey June Lane

This post contains affiliate links which are helping me save for my upgrade from a Singer to either Bernina or Husquvarna. :D

*Disclaimer* Both awesome for everyone and just unfortunate timing for me, the Lane raglan has been completely redone! So this is actually the original version which is very different than the new one. I may be able to sew up a new one before the tour ends, but just keep that in mind while reading this. If you've already purchased the Lane Raglan, you will be sent the updated copy free of charge and if you purchase it now, you'll be getting the new copy! :)

GREAT news for the busty ladies, the new copy includes a separate front piece with a built in FBA and directions to determine if you need one! Long sleeves without bands, 3/4th length sleeves, a curved hem on the bottom, plus all the options that I've sewn here. :) 

P.S. There is STILL a coupon code at the end of this post, so the Lane can be yours for a discount! 
*Original post*

How-dee. It's day two of the Raglan Round Up hosted by myself and Tibeca of Sewing by Ti. Make sure you swing by her blog to read up on the Wild Blume Romance Raglan!

Today I bring to thee... The acclaimed Lane Raglan by Adrianna Appl of Hey June Handmade! I've been excited to sew this one for awhile so let's jump right in and talk about the nitty-gritty. 

First. I won't make you wait. 
Yes, the print is awesome. 
Yes, I'll tell you where I got it. 
Pink Zepplin Fabrics on Facebook. The bomb. You're welcome. Feel free to send me your scraps if you purchase from her because it's going to be great fabric no matter what.
(Hey, can we all agree to NOT talk about the upside down-ness? Thanks. It's called TOSSED prisms, so I didn't think UP side and DOWN side. Uggggh. I paid a lot for custom knit and I don't want to talk about it, okay? lol ;) )

So the first thing you'll probably notice here is that this is a much larger shirt / sweater than the Greenstyle. The great thing about the Lane Raglan is that there is a "finished garment" measurement chart as opposed to a "body measurement" chart. This will give you the measurement of the garment when it's NOT being stretched around your body. So you can choose a size slightly smaller than your own measurements to give it "negative ease" and make it a tighter fit, or if you'd like more of a sweater look, you can choose the size that matches or slightly exceeds your body measurements.

My measurements are 34, 27, 37 which puts me pretty square in between XS and S. This was my first time making the Lane Raglan, so I erred on the safe side an chose a size Small, which with my extra stretchy cotton Lycra, created a relaxed fit. With the waistband and cuff details, I think it looks completely appropriate as a looser fitting sweater. 

I tend to prefer a more fitted style, so I'd probably choose the smaller size having sewn it once. However, this one is headed to Tennessee to live with my sister. She is actually smaller than I, but she loves Pink Floyd so I know she'll love it still, I'm sure. Plus who doesn't love to layer in the Winter?

Sometimes I look "hip-y" Here is one of those times. Note to self. Create space between arms and body. S P A C E. 

Something I love about this pattern is everything is laid out in a logical order. (This might seem like a no-brainer, but unfortunately it's not!) All the directions for Lane are stated clearly with drawings to go along with each step. New sewers will feel comfortable and confident following this pattern. For the experienced sewers, the Lane also offers a hooded option with thumb hole cuffs which presents a fun challenge! (She uses my favorite method for creating thumb holes! It's like a magic trick. You think it's not going to work, then you put your trust in and keep following the directions and a couple twists, turns, and flips, and ta-da! It's a thumb hole!)

Who should sew the Lane Raglan?
Anyone who is a little adventurous with their fabrics! I think this is a great base raglan pattern to experiment with. As Adrianna states in the pattern, you will get a variation in fit with different fabric choices. Cotton Lycra will get a looser fit, sweater knit will result in more fitted as will 100% cotton jersey. Hitachi or slub knit will be more drapey and loose. It's even recommended you could use woven for the front and back if you go up one size! I think it would be really fun to try a lot of different fabrics and see the looks you can achieve. 
In that sense, I think this pattern is really versatile. She doesn't say, for example, "at least 50% stretch" because I believe Adrianna was trying for a  multi-look raglan. Where other patterns cater to one look or another, the Lane Raglan lends itself to some play.

With all that being said - I think the Lane Raglan really could be for all body types! You just choose according to your fabric / desired fit and see which finished measurements would work best for your combination to create the perfect raglan. :)

*And now with the built in FBA front (optional) it's especially great for the "girls" who are blessed in the chest!*
(Can we make that a tag line for a new pattern? ^^^)

Pick up your copy of Hey June Lane Raglan HERE for 25% off until 02/14 11:59pm MST with code "LaneLove." 
It's Gal-entines day, treat yo' self. 

XS-2XL. I made Small 34-27-37
Printable pattern pages/copy shop version
Printable pattern pages
Skill Level
Beginner for regular raglan, intermediate for hoodie and thumb hole cuffs
Measurements for Rectangles
Line Drawings
Size made
Small 34-27-37
Options choosen
Regular banded raglan shirt
Fabric Requirement for your size
1.5 yards
Measurement Chart
Yes, finished garment only
Cutting Instructions
Pattern Printing Layout
Cutting Layout
Suggested Fabrics
All knits - Descriptions of how different types will look finished.
Layer Printing Option
Neck Line Options
Scoop neck, Hood
Sleeve Options
Banded, Thumb hole
Hem Options
Color Blocking
Seam Allowance
Hem Allowance
None, all are banded.
Separate add-on pack
None, hoodie and thumb cuffs are included for same price.
Varies. Slim to relaxed depending on fabric choices.
Easy to read instructions
Drawing or photograph instructions


  1. I'm bad at keeping up with what's coming from so many designers, so this is the first I've heard of the update. It sounds great! I've made a couple Lanes for myself (and even tackled an FBA but not sure if I did it very well), and I wear them frequently. Looking forward to playing with this pattern some more. :)

    1. I know what you mean Sarah! I try to keep all my favorite designers "liked" on my Facebook with all their update clicked to see what is coming, but sometimes things slip right by! But don't feel bad, I hadn't heard of this until just a few days ago, too! Testing just finished Wednesday. The great thing is that it contains all the basics and now extras, so it is a really versatile pattern.

  2. I know the slouchy look isn't your thing, but this actually looks really great on you. I look forward to playing with the pattern with some different fabrics. The possibilities are endless.

    1. Thank you! I like the look sometimes, depends on my mood. It's definitely more comfortable than something that's "second skin." I totally agree, especially with the update, you can really create any raglan from this pattern. It's well put together.

  3. Bummer to hear about the update, I purchased my Lane pattern through UpCraft Club. I don't think they have a solution for pattern updates. I made my Lane with the thumbhole cuffs and like you said, a little trust and viola!

    1. I know, it's like magic! But you know what, Adrianna is so sweet, I bet if you messaged her through Facebook or her site she'd be willing to send you the updated copy. I don't think she'd care one bit! I'm sure she wants everyone who is her customer to have all that she offers. It's totally worth a try. :D