Mmm. I loved the late morning brunches on Saturdays when Nick and I would head out to Goodness Gracious Cafe - a house-like restaurant built probably in the 40's with large panel windows, lots of sunlight, and notably unexceptional coffee. We'd get there about eleven and find a seat at a small corner table in one of the three dining rooms. I'd usually order a veggie crepe, and a hot cup of coffee to hug while we waited for the food to be delivered. If we were feeling something sweet we'd finish the meal with some decadent strawberries with cream cheese filling. It was a treat to begin the weekend. :)
 Have you guessed the theme of my contribution to the blog tour? Yep! Brunch (with the girls.)
In a way, the personal theme of this post is "Firsts." This is my first blog tour! When I saw my friend Katy from Wild and Wanderful was co-hosting a blog tour, I knew I wanted to participate! Fun thing, this is her first time hosting as well! Then, this is my first time sewing a true basic, and my first time sewing an entire outfit, my first Papercut pattern and my first successful Megan Nielsen pattern! 
So much winning. Let's jump in. 

This tour is all about fashion and sewing. All the participants chose prompts and the challenge was to create an outfit to wear to that event. 
I don't really DO anything. So when I do go out, I always take the chance to dress up. :) and I don't always take a million pictures, but when I feel this fabulous, I do. I totally do.

For my brunch outfit, I sewed up two pieces, the Copellia from Papercut Patterns, and Tania from Megan Nielsen. It was so good to sew up both of these patterns. I've had them for ages but just hadn't taken the time - let me tell you, after cutting, "the time" was only 4.5 hours. I could hardly believe it. These were both so quickly sewn and I had a new outfit in a jif. (People do still say jif. >> )

Let's start with the Copellia Cardi. I chose the longer, faux wrap version. It actually does wrap, but it's just sewn in place. I got the fabric from Sincerely Rylee fabrics. She does mystery box sweater knits and I got this soft, dreamy red in my mystery box. It's a very lightweight sweater knit and I'm in love. It has a ton on stretch and was pretty flimsy, but it works great with this drapey style of cardigan. 

The sleeves are raglan style and it has cuffs at the wrist and waist. I sewed a size XS which was a size down because the fabric was incredibly stretchy. I wanted to put some clear elastic in the shoulders to keep the seams intact, but since the weight falls on top of the shoulder and the seams are on the front and back, I didn't find it necessary. Since I sized down, it's a little tight at the bottom and it rides up a little, but nothing that will keep me from wearing it. (Translation: Nothing will keep me from wearing it. haha)

The sweater actually does lay flat, but the bulk of the waist seam on the skirt creates a little lump. I ended up pairing this with a belt because I had originally intended to tuck the shirt in, but that just looked frumpy. All in all, I really look rectangle - but I love it anyway. :)

Here is a more casual take on the cardigan. This is honestly how I'll wear it most of the time. SO COMFY. I'm honestly too proud of this. It looks so RTW. People will probably think it's too slouchy, but I'm blinded by motherly love. I love you, my sewing project baby.

This is Tania from Megan Nielsen. Based on my measurements I sewed a blend of the XS and S. I did make a few mods to the pattern. I used knit fabric so instead of doing a zipper, I did an elastic waist. I had to change around a few steps but basically I just sewed both sides of the skirt up and then sewed both the front and back of the waistband together and sandwiched the elastic in-between the waistband and sewed the waist to the skirt.

I have to "think thin" on my butt while I'm putting it on because the knit has exactly about 0% stretch... but all in all I only popped a few basting stitches - so all is well.

Oh. I have a secret for you. 

Surprise! They're actually SHORTSSSSS! It's a SHORTZSUIT! (not really, but watch this video because it will make you laugh. It's totally worth the 40 seconds.)

I haven't hemmed these yet. I probably will. 2:30am isn't my favorite time to hem, so it being knit I just skipped it for the time being. I will hem it though, I think it will keep the edges nice and flat. I'm going to keep telling myself that I'll hem it. I'll hem it. I totally will.

I took this picture to demonstrate how much freedom one has while wearing these culottes. Really I took it for my best friend, mostly because we just do weird shit like this. So, friends - don't be mislead into thinking I'm anything that I'm not. This is who I really am. :D

But sometimes I can look like this. So it evens out I guess.

I do feel pretty fabulous in this outfit. Maybe a little more "career" than I intended, but fabulous none the less.

I completely enjoyed this experience. Though I may say I'd be a little more inclined to pair this sweater with jeans rather than the culottes. Maybe for a cozy, coffee date I would wear the outfit as a whole. I'm totally stoked to have sewn a "basic" piece and really excited to sew up more. I can definitely see that it will get a ton of use. 

Guess what? Did you read my crazy long post? Good for you cause there is a giveaway down here and you don't want to miss it. :D Read those details below and check out the rest of the bloggers participating for this and the following week. ^^

P.S. Thanks to my sister for taking these photos! And for letting me borrow the earrings you made. <3
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