Sunday Lately: Week 58

*This posts contains affiliate links to help me buy a sewing-time card for my local sewing studio, and also the fresh drip of the gods ... coffee*

  Hey friends. So I'm starting to participate in something called "Sunday Lately." Mostly because it keeps me blogging and writing. I find that I actually like to write, whether I've sewn a project or not! There is an awesome group of girls who call themselves the "Blogger Tribe." They are fun, friendly, and creatively inspiring - plus, I'm still searching for my community, maybe I'll find it online before I forge it in person. :) 

(Just to throw this out there - I don't actually expect anyone to read this, you're off the hook. No quizzes on these types of posts. ;) )

Anywho. It works like this. There are five prompts each week and we just talk about them according to our lives, or we skip them. Easy as that! The five prompts this week are Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, and Craving.  

 This one is always fun. It's a blog about creating art, after all. Currently. Like, ten minutes ago currently, I am sewing a Coppelia cardigan (previously sewn here) for my sister from some Sincerely Rylee sweater knit. I know she'll love it because she picked the fabric out of my stash herself! It's going to be adorable red and white stripes. I'm also working on a donation for the "Give Hope" project run buy the talented ladies of Violette Field Threads. It's a campaign to give clothing to an orphanage in Guatemala (which I just spent a month there!) They are still accepting donations, so feel free to grab your free patterns and sew up a gift that a little girl with cherish.

So I'm about 26 days in at my new home in Washington and I got a job (yay!) but I'm just starting to explore. I found this adorable sewing studio literally one mile from my home. It's attached to a coffee shop. Do I even need to say more? Probably not, but it's great! They offer open sewing time, mentored sewing time, classes, fitting help, professional tools open for use with a sewing pass,  and they offer more than anything - a community. Being 2,476 miles from my family (but who's counting?) can be very isolating. I've never lived this far from home on a "I have no idea when I'm coming home" basis. So I *need* to find my "tribe" I suppose. 

Local park next to my apartment
I'm switching from pins to *WONDER CLIPS!* they are so fucking wonderful! If you haven't used them, go buy them! We recently ordered a package from amazon and Nick asked if I needed anything for around $7 so we could get free shipping and I said YAAAS! So my wonder clips journey was born. Turns out my very next project was this loose sweater knit and they've been so helpful already.

The absolute bonus of our new apartment is I have my *own* sewing room! Shhh. Don't tell Nick. It's supposed to be our joint computer / sewing room, however, he has claimed the living room TV as his monitor so I have claimed the spare room my "fabric room." I feel like a spoiled princess, though I love it! It's a nice retreat and great that I don't have to worry about keeping it neat all the time. (I'm sure anyone who is reading this can relate to not loving packing everything up after a sewing session.)
(I also forgot to include what I'm forgetting.... ironic. However, I'm forgetting to organize and decorate my sewing room! It's going to be even more fantastic when it's all prettied out.)

Friendships with humans. Preferably around my age with similar interests. It can be hard! I am personable but I don't just go out and sit at a bar, bookstore, etc. So I am very excited to join some yoga classes, the sewing studio, maybe some arial classes in hopes of finding some awesome people to pass the time with. That is when I start getting a pay check again. You know how that can go - when you first start a job you have to wait a few extra weeks to get on payroll. 

Make sure you're also following along with Tibeca and I's series of Raglan Reviews! My previous post can be viewed here, and this Thursday I'll be reviewing the Lane Raglan from Hey June.
Don't forget the Greenstyle sale is still raging on! You can get 25% off your whole purchase through February with code Feb25. If you need some inspiration, check out my previous Greenstyle sews here!
Thanks, lovelies!

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Next week's prompts are Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being.
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  1. Love that sweater fabric - I'd totally rock a sweater like that!! Where did you move to Washington from? I've only been to Seattle and I loved it but would also like to explore the rest of the state!! Welcome to the Blogger Tribe! <3

    1. Thank you! The sweater turned out nicely. Today was a perfect day for pictures, but I cleaned instead of getting dressy. I'll probably post about it this week. I moved from central TN - so huge change! But it's truly lovely up here.

  2. Hope you're getting settled in Washington. That's 2500 miles is far, but family is phone call away. Were are you from originally? Congrats on the new job! Score on the sewing nook. See there is a plus to moving.

    1. I know! We're all really good about keeping in touch, it's just tough to be a 6 hour flight away. A lot of planning has to go into a visit, not just a casual drop by to have tea. I just moved from Tennessee, so all of my family is still located there. :)

      And thank you! I'm excited about the job - first FULL week starts on Saturday. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm not even a crafty person but the idea of a sewing studio attached to a coffee shop sounds ADORABLE! I hope you continue to settle into your new home and community - and find your IRL Tribe. <3

    1. Thanks so much Melinda. I'm sure things will start to fall into place. Olympia, WA is such a cute area, they're will be people who I'll totally mesh with.

      Yas! Sewing and Coffee! That's like my dream business that'll I'll own and it will be so cute and quaint. But for now I'll have to just use the local one. ;)

  4. Moving can be very alienating. I've done that more than a few times. I hope you find your tribe soon. :)