Sunday Lately: Week 59

I hope everyone had a fantastic Galentines day! For those who aren't Parks and Rec / Amy Poehler fans, what is wrong with you? Galentines day (February 13th) is about celebrating all the love you have for the Gals in your life! I was lucky to have my favorite girl born 12 years before me to the same parents. Sister shout out! I know you don't read this crap, but I love you anyway. ;) My bestie was born the same year and only a stones throw from my bedroom, and I've met a small handful other great girls along the way - to each one I am so thankful for the light, love, honesty, generosity, support, and friendship you bring into my life. I want to write you each a love letter everyday (though it's impractical) I truly hope each one of you knows that you are in my heart and you all make me feel so very lucky to know you.

Our more awkward years. Two of my very best friends!
Kat - the girl who sought out my friendship and danced away with it.
Me looking dorky af and my sister looking poised as always.

Any my mom. Wow. This woman is a wonder. She makes every aspect of life better. I hope for everyone that they are able to share the love and respect for their mom's as I have for mine. Bahhhhhhh! I miss you, madre!
I went off on a Galentine's Love letter, but here's the (vegan) meat of the post... This weeks prompts are ...

Can I be updating my priorities? I just started this new job recently which has a stressful time demand. I need to update my priorities to pack a healthy lunch, find some time to exercise, go to bed on time (which I'm avoiding at THIS moment while I write this post.), and fit in some yoga. Oh, did I mention keep the house clean? I'm stressing myself already. I think it's a common thing, honestly. I recognize that I'm one of those people that run very high strung and stressed. When I have "free and unstructured time" I just waste it, so I keep stressed because it's my oddly uncomfortable "comfort zone." 

I've been remembering "The Office." I live and breathe the Office. Jim and Pam are the loves of my life. If you ever want to make me a shirt, can it please say "Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica." or "Fact: Bears Eat Beets." I constantly stream shows from Netflix while I sew. The Office, Scrubs, Parks and Rec, Arrested Development... I'm a creature of habit.

I need to take a breath. 

Then I need to stop over committing to things. Sewing projects, having the house completely clean all the time, (The people who know me are probably laughing cause they know me as a messy person, but I've reformed. My house has been awesomely clean for a long time now!) Sometimes it's okay to just breathe. And maybe to talk with my mom. She's busy with work right now, but I could totally use some family time.

Lots of professional clothes for work! Slacks, slacks, slacks. However, I've also been wearing my Copellia cardigan (to work), Greenstyle Centerfield Raglan on my weekends. They're both comfy and stylish. :) 

Grateful to experience a new part of the country with the man I love. We may be working a ton, but at least we're working towards something. 
Thankful for the time I was able to spend with my mom, dad, and sister in Guatemala and the time I was able to visit my brothers before moving here. Living away from family is hard but it's nice to have those memories.
Appreciative for the pictures I am sent from my family of my nieces and nephew. I love the little ones so much!
Attitude of Gratitude. (Cheesy but true) :)

I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentines Day with your loves!

Capital Lake 2 minutes from home
Capital building
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