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I keep talking about how I need more work clothes. I work all the time. yet here I am sewing up a gorgeous lace back tank. *Sigh* When will I learn?

I purchased the Marbella Tank during a sale on New Horizons patterns sometime this past spring and it has sat printed on my sewing floor for weeks and weeks. When I made my most recent purchase from Surge fabric shop I realized that Kayla still had some Marbella kits in stock so I snagged one. The match is perfection. I love all the laces that Surge Fabric Shop carries. 

The pattern is quick and easy and I love that there is no binding or facing or anything fancy. Just turn under the edges and coverstitch or hem! The top fits great and I love the back to show off that gorgeous lace! The only thing I wonder is HOW do people get away with not showing their bra straps? I'll be honest, I'm not one to try to hide my straps all the time, really only for photos, but I don't know how others do it. Strapless bras do not work for my body. Regardless, this pic below is in true form and it's how I really wear my tank. Maybe I'll be more sophisticated as I age. :P

The cream fabric is my favorite fabric, Modal in the cream color. It is slightly see through so I just tossed a tiny cami underneath to hide the FRONT of my bra. (See, I do have *Some* class).

The Marbella Kits are no longer in stock on the Surge Fabric Shop site, but all the individual materials are and I've linked them above!

If you haven't made the Marbella from New Horizons Designs I encourage you to do so! It's quick, easy, and looks very off the rack. Check out Surge Fabric Shop for awesome laces to dress up this tank, too. I need a handful for this summer.... but maybe I'll try to get some work clothes in first. 

Fabric was sponsored by Surge Fabric Shop and the pattern is a freebie from Mimi G Style! All sewing efforts and buttons were provided by myself. ;) 

Summer is scared of the PNW. It was 85 three weeks ago and now it's in the 50's. Make up your mind, Washington. I want to wear summer dresses. 

My first summer dress of the season came to fruition this week in the form of the new Jessica Dress pattern from Mimi G Style. Can you even believe this dress is FREE? Here's a link to the dress. You will have to sign up for the Mimi G Style mailing letter and you'll get the pattern in your inbox shortly afterwards. Be fast though, the link expires just 24 hours after you receive it!

If you're not a member already, the Surge Fabric Shop Facebook group features a new free pattern each Friday! It's a really fun way to showcase all the awesome free designs you can find and see them sewn as well as have someone who's made it make.
I sewed the free pattern this week and used some new rayon challis from the Surge Fabric shop. Kayla just got 10 new wovens into the shop and they're lovely. You can find them here. 

As for the pattern itself, it was pretty straight forward. I will say that Mimi G Style patterns don't have the typical "hand holding" instructions that a lot of PDF designers have. However, there is a video to accompany the pattern which is great for beginners and more visual learners. I confess, I just followed the instructions per usual so I could stream Survivor... #guiltypleasures

The bodice has a facing instead of a lining. It works well, keeps the entire dress really light. 

Two things. 
One: Make a muslin. This dress does NOT have a lot of ease. My measurements are 34" 27" and 36" and I sewed the straight size small. I could have blended the small at the waist and the XS at the chest, but with it being a paneled top I didn't want to take the edges in on the wrong panel. Now I see I could have just done the side seams. This is why you make a muslin. The waist in size small is designed for 28" and it still fits me snug. I am swimming in the 36" size small bust, though. Make. A. Muslin. It's worth it. 
Two: My buttons are 3/4" but you should choose smaller buttons than I did. The button panel hardly accommodated my buttons on the skirt portion. You should definitely choose 1/2" or smaller buttons if you want the dress to be perfect.

I tried really hard to channel my inner Mimi G, however I still look like I belong at a picnic in the park. LOL Mimi's "Jessica" makes her look fierce and high fashion. One day I'll get there. :*D

Check out Surge Fabric Shop for their new woven collection!
Join the Surge Facebook Group to see new releases and a new free pattern featured every Friday!
Follow this link to get your own copy of the Jessica dress for free!

*This pattern was given to me for free in exchange for testing before it's release. This post also contains affiliate links to help me buy more ramen noodles.*

I sure am fond of knotted tops. They add a fun and interesting detail to an otherwise "normal" tee. It's a top I can feel good about sewing in a solid because, it's already fun enough. :) 

The newest knot style top on the market comes from Itch to Stitch. The owner and designer, Kennis, has impeccable drafting skills and this pattern is no exception.

This pattern design features a front knot, long sleeves, elbow length sleeves, or a fun and cute flutter sleeve, all with a modest neckline, and a banded neck. Over all, it's pretty beginner friendly and the clear digital drawing instructions make the knot pretty simple!

I chose a basic heather grey DBP from my stash that I purchased ages ago from Sincerely Rylee.  So so cozy.

One interesting detail about the Nottingham Top is that the sleeves are inset and designed to where the sleeve seam doesn't align with the side seam of the top. Kennis based this off of athletic wear patterns to have the sleeve fit better and cause less stress on the seams. I will say the sleeves are supremely comfortable. She also includes lots of notches which makes sewing a set in sleeve a total breeze. I honestly didn't even have to baste it!

Despite that this top isn't designed for maternity, I believe it will work really well for moms-to-be well into their second trimester. If you wanted to lower the neckline, it would also work for nursing after the baby is born. Just an idea. :)

This pattern comes in sizes 00-20, has layered pieces, clear instructions, digital drawings to aid with the written instructions, 3 sleeve lengths, and sews up quickly! Also, despite the pattern calling for 1 yard and 1/8th, I was able to fit my size 2 top into a single yard. 

This top is on sale for $8 right now and you can find it at! Don't miss out, this will be a summer staple!
Hello Sewists out in the bloggersphere! If you're like me, you're always hunting for new fabrics and new patterns designers. Well, I have a treat for you. Or maybe you're already "in the know."

I sewed this GORGEOUS strike from Midnight Mountain Fabrics to make this darling top, Elise, from Halla Patterns. 

Both are exquisite and let me tell you why.

First, and most pressing, Midnight Mountain fabrics has these fabrics and a load of other colorways / stripes, coordinates, and gorgeous flowers on pre-order until April 25th. You can find all the options for the Watercolor Roses here. 

Midnight Mountain is a Canadian based fabric company that DOES NOT use stock images, so this ensures that all of their designs are 100% original art and are very unique! These flowers are literally hand-painted and that makes me love them all the more. I'm so ready for spring. 

Prices are expected for custom fabric, and the length of fabric is cut in meters, so for us in the US it feels like a bonus. Also, lets not forget that each transaction is processed in CAD. It's a win-win.

I used the Elise Top and Dress pattern to create this Peplum. I'll be honest, I don't wear this style very often, but it looks so cute on that I may be a convert. I love the detailing on the tabs and the unique (to me) ruching on the waistband. Construction was easy and straight-forward. I like that Halla has lots of options in their patterns. 

-2 pocket styles
-A-line or gathered
-Dress or peplum
-Tabs or no tabs
-Puffy sleeves or straight sleeves
-Layered printing options
-Ruched, straight, or no waistband

I chose the A-line peplum with straight sleeves, no pockets, ruched waistband, and tabs. I actually modified the sleeves to be more "cap" style, but it only gave it a small curved shape. I'm still experimenting with different itty bitty mods until I'm comfortable with them! Over all a success, but I'll shorten the armcye "inseam?" next time.

Last but not least, I sewed a straight size 2/4 HOWEVER!!! My waist measurement is a solid 27" instead of the 26" that the size I sewed calls for. Usually I am a 4 waist, 2 bust, 6 hip. Or whatever variation. 

-Bust -1
-Waist center
-hips +1

I did not grade, I did not modify, I did not give myself extra room. For this I am so sad! I'm spoiled on t-shirts that you can slightly fudge a size. With this quality of knit (slightly thicker) please measure yourself properly!

Ahh, at least my sister gets a pretty top. :)

Don't forget to get your pre-order for the Midnight Mountain Fabrics Watercolor Roses in before April 25th! You can find all the options here. and you can keep up with all the lasted Midnight Mountain news in the MMF Facebook Group!

The pattern I used can be purchased here, Elise Wrap Top and Dress. You can keep up with all the awesome Halla Creations in their Facebook group if you need more inspiration!

None of these links are affiliate links, but I did receive the fabric free of charge in exchange for photographing it after sewing! :)
There's something awesome about being cozy on your days off. All of my sleepwear was purchased about 9 years ago. Yes, nine. So I thought it was time to discard the old and make something cute to lounge in. Let me introduce the pattern that needs absolutely no introduction because it's already wildly popular ... The Portlander Pants by New Horizons Designs!

This is actually my second pair but these ones fit PERFECTLY. I shorted the length by 1" and now they skim the ground ever so slightly when I walk but cover my heels completely when I sit with my knees tucked to my chest. (A typical seated "looking at my phone" position haha!)

I got this lovely, drapy, snuggly double brushed poly from Simply By Ti Fabrics. It's completely pajama approved, comfy approved, husband approved, stylish and cozy approved! The colors are so vibrant and these are probably my favorite pants ever. 

Ti has a special birthday sale going on all month and this week is 25% off of double brushed poly and cotton lycra! She has a ton of awesome prints that you can grab at a great discount. To get the code, make sure to join her Facebook Group here.

Makers note: Don't skip the pockets on these pants! They come together so quickly even with the pockets and it's SO nice to have pockets on pajamas. They fit my bulky phone and everything.

Side note: I use the term "night pants" which my husband thinks is crazy. He says "night pants" aren't a thing but that's what I've called pajamas ever since I can remember. Night shirt, night pants, etc. Am I crazy?! I had to keep remembering to type pajamas. He thinks night pants is like some term for pants you use to sneak around in the night. Hahaha

Size: XS and removed 1" from the length

There are no affiliate links in this post, but I did receive my fabric at a discounted price for my ambassadorship with Simply By Ti Fabrics. All opinions are my own, and you should certainly check out the killer sale she has going on all month. A new fabric type will be discounted each week. The best way to follow along is to join the Simply By Ti Facebook Group!