My mom and sister flew in from Tennessee to visit and meet our newest family member. Naturally, I had to make a "thank you gift." My sister got her second Coppelia Cardigan using sweater knit from Surge Fabric Shop. This exact fabric is out of stock in this color, but here is a mustard and ivory version. It's ultra soft and absolutely lusciously plush.

I've made this sweater a ton of times. I really need to size up for myself at the waist. The band always rolls up a little and I'm tugging it down. The small, however, is a perfect fit for my sister. I did shorten the arms by one inch. From the looks of it, i could have taken another inch or so off. Her underarm measures 17" and the pattern measures 18" including the cuff.

I bought this fabric with this pattern in mind for my sister. It's just her casual style and her favorite color is anything neutral. Kayla, the lovely lady behind Surge Fabric Shop, had an almost identical idea, she made the M4M Mama Claire! I had to laugh that we had planned practically the same shirt with the same fabric. <3

There's nothing better than a quick T&T to hand over a gift. I wish I had ordered enough fabric to make myself one, too!

Fabric: Hazelnut Sweater Knit (Out of stock) Mustard and Ivory colorway here.
Size: Small. Took 1 inch out of arm length.

It's the 4th day of 2019 and I'm already exhausted! Maybe that's due to the new baby that I just had. She is so cute I can't handle it. I just want to snuggle her all day, everyday before she gets too big.:) 

Like any other beginning of the year, I'm stoked to be making new workout clothes to prepare for all the exercise I might be motivated to do. Greenstyle is my go to for workout patterns. They always fit me great without alterations and her directions are super clear and the designs are really functional and on trend.

This pattern pairs perfectly with the new Athletic Fabric from Surge Fabric Shop. It's a nylon/spandex blend and it is SO SOFT. Like, rivals baby's cheeks soft. I'm not kidding. It's super cozy, very stretchy, and perfect for athletic wear.

I make the 32 band size B with the strappy back option and nursing clips. I also lined it with beige power mesh from Surge Fabric Shop.

 I found these awesome clips at Joann's! It really makes nursing so much easier. I was super salty about the clips, though. The package said it had 4 sets, but it really had TWO sets. How many boobs do you think I want nursing clips for, Joann? You think one clip per bra is enough?!?! I thought four sets would make four bras, but there are only enough for two. 

The bra takes a lot of clear elastic and the straps were so hard to turn! I finally read the directions and the pattern gives a great tip to turn the tubes. Remember to read the pattern! :P It was definitely worth it to make the straps matching, I think it makes it look more professional. Black would have been okay, too.

And here's my squish! I was in labor for about 30 hours before going to the hospital and to pass the time I was sewing this bra. I didn't buy nursing bras so I was really determined to finish before the baby came. I didn't quite make it, but I was so close! It was a good and successful feeling to complete it once I came home.

Seems Zoe likes the bra, too :)

You can save 20% on ALL athletic fabric from Surge using the code FIT2019 through 1/6/19. You can find this specific fabric here.

Pattern: Greenstyle Creations Power Bra (affiliate link)
32 band /  B cup / Strappy back option

When you are pregnant and you can't drink wine, just wear it. Fall is on it's way and I'm digging the jewel tones at the moment. Wine is the perfect color to compliment my vampire skin and it reminds me of all the pinot noir that I can't drink right now. 

Anywho, how lovely is this top?! I'm always of the mindset "you get what you pay for." but I only paid $4 for this pattern and I would have paid double and a half. I'm always skeptical when sewing patterns from a new to me designer, but LAVitaly was a gamble and a jackpot! 

This is the Jersery Top V Neck - Front Bow n.50. (What a catchy name!) Kidding. I know with Etsy SEO's are of utmost importance. I did do some poking around before buying though and I saw on instagram that my friend sewed a LAVitaly pattern and after getting her blessing (and warning that it would need to be lengthened!) I purchased this bow blouse.

I sewed a straight size Small in this lovely Surge Fabric Rayon Spandex in Wine. The pattern was great and came together quickly. Her instructions are different than any I've encountered before, though. She uses a Symbol and Key method. Like pictographs. There is a key with all the symbols and what they mean and then each page has pictures and the "key" next to it. If you sew a ton of LAVitaly you will get the hang of it, otherwise you are left like me scrolling back up to see what each symbol means every step. Honestly, it was an easy sew and with basic sewing knowledge, you can assemble the pattern with the pictures only or without instructions at all. 

The only modification I made was to leave off the band and lengthen the bottom by 2". As designed, this blouse has banded sleeves and a banded bottom, but I wanted it smooth to wear under pencil skirts. (Hello, remember my maternity capsule? I told you I'd be adding more tops!)

Can you tell I'm loving the Bishop Sleeves at the moment? It adds such a cute detail without being overwhelming. I certainly do recommend LAVitaly patterns. She has some cute designs and the price really can't be beat. Make sure you check Surge Fabric for all your Autumn sewing needs!

Size: Small
Mods: Lengthened 2" and left off bottom band.
Fabric: Rayon Spandex in Wine from Surge Fabric Shop

Body Measurements: Bust 34", Waist 2(?) Normally 27" but pregnancy has expanded me, Hips 36".

Also, my husband is simply amazing. Most of our shoots go just like this. He can't help but make me laugh. I think he was talking about my boobs here. Thanks, handsome. Glad you like them. HAHAHA

Remember when you were little and waiting for Christmas or your birthday and it seems like a year was a lifetime. Adults would always say "Enjoy it while you're young, time flies when you get old." I'd roll my eyes. Every day was an eternity! How could time "speed up"? Well, ask me now. 26. More than half way through this pregnancy, more than a third through 2018, and just TWO weeks away from traveling for a month to Texas for work. Time, please slow down! I missed Summer, don't take Autumn, too. 

Whether I like it or not, it's September and that means Washington is already cold so I made a sweater! Except I couldn't JUST make a sweater, obviously I had to do something different. This is my modified Après Ski from Striped Swallow Designs. Don't get me wrong, the pattern is excellent as designed, I've  just wanted a 60's shift dress for as long as I can remember.
Hello 60's! I only missed you by 30 years. 

The Après Ski was the perfect base pattern for this dress and I really didn't change a lot. I NEEDED those bishop sleeves. Be. Still. My. Heart.
 I added length and then I had to modify the neckline because of ... reasons that you will read below.

I encountered several mishaps while creating this garment but perseverance was key! The fabric I chose was something I got from Cali Fabrics for their Black Friday sale in 2017. I had actually intended this fabric to be a Hideaway sweater, but the shift dress won. The stretch and recovery was my biggest issue. I knew that the fabric wasn't ideal for this pattern, but I wanted it anyway. :)

I sewed size small with no mods except lengthening it until I got to the neckline. The damn neckline. It didn't matter how many times I measured and resewed that derned neckline! I ended up making it too big in the end from cutting and resewing it and finally had to compromise and add pleats at the neckline to prevent gaping. Overall I'd call it a win. :D

My husband gives it a huge thumbs up, I give it a "good try, can't wait to make another." and my mom gives it a "why are you wearing plaid when no one is making you?" Don't ask a former Catholic who grew up in the 60's what they think of your plaid dress. HAHA

If you want to see more versions of the Après Ski in it's traditional form, check out the Striped Swallow Designs Facebook Group! You can purchase the pattern here. It sews up quickly and comes in sizes XS-XXXL.

No affiliate links are used in this post. I did receive the pattern for free from Striped Swallow Designs for being part of their promotional team. All opinion are my own. :)
Life moves quickly and things are always changing. One thing I can always count on though is the consistency of my bitching. 95% of my blog posts start by me complaining that I need more work clothes. It's true. I do need work clothes, but sewing dresses is just so much more fun! However, time waits for no (wo)man and this baby bump sure isn't waiting, either. Little lemon keeps growing like crazy! 23 Weeks the date we took these pics! (9/5) We actually SAW her kick last night for the first time! How exciting. :)
All this leads me to this exciting news. I finished 6 new pieces for my maternity capsule! I still have 2 more tops planned, but SIX whole pieces of work appropriate, maternity appropriate, nursing appropriate clothing! You don't even have to congratulate me, I am already high-fiving myself.

This mini capsule includes:
2 Cardigans
3 Tops
3 Skirts
with at least 2 more tops planned.
I did use a lot of pink, but the fabrics I have planned for the extra tops are navy and wine colored which I think will look great with the floral skirt!

Let's jump right in! I didn't photograph every piece with every other piece but they all go together pretty seamlessly.
(Also, can we all forget about the sun drags on these pics and just be happy that our husband took these photos for us when we all know he'd rather be in the garage playing pool? Stop being an ungrateful turd.) (That was strictly a note to myself. LOL)

First up and my favorite combo of all!

Top: New Horizons Designs Cascade Tee. Sleeveless. Size 4. 
Skirt: Megan Nielsen Erin Maternity Skirt. Version 3. Size S at waist blended to XS for hips. 

Heads up to the other pregnant ladies, MODAL IS THE SHIZ. Two reasons. Reason one: It keeps you cool like rayon spandex but without stretching, wrinkling, shrinking, and pilling that can can come with rayon spandex. Two: It is soft and dreamy not isn't see-through! The main reason I love it is it doesn't pill on me like rayon does. Give it a shot. Surge Fabric carries a wide verity of colors in ModalHot Tip: Don't iron modal fabric with a hot, hot iron, it will leave imprints and give the garment a subtle pressed look all the time. Please don't be me (lazy) and forget a pressing cloth. It is your friend.

Next up is this cute cardigan add in. The skirt is the same skirt as above!

Top: Halla Madeleine Cowl Neck Top. I blogged about this top here.
Cardigan: Helen's Closet Blackwood Cardigan. Size S at bust and waist blended to M at hips. I also shortened the arms by three whole inches. I never knew how short my arms were. (Shrug)

I really love this cardigan. The pockets are perfect for my phone and there are no buttons which makes it quick and super maternity friendly because it doesn't look like it *Should* be buttoned. It's just loose and lets your belly grow. :) The Onyx brushed sweater knit from Surge is unlike any fabric I've tried before. It really is *brushed* on one side and doesn't feel sweatery on the inside. Somehow it's still cozy af though. It will be really nice when I'm wearing a long sleeve because the smooth interior won't move the undershirt and stick to it.

Last outfit with this awesome skirt!

Side note: Surge Ponte is the BEST way to feel professional but also feel comfortable. This is the closest I can get to "jammies at work." and I'm loving it.

This has to be my second favorite outfit. I've gotten so many compliments on this wearing it out! It just look really fun and flirty to me but still passing as professional. Gah. My maternity clothes are cuter than my normal wardrobe. (It's good though, I need an extra confidence boost as I grow in strange places and feel uncomfortable almost 98.99% of the time.)

Skirt: Megan Nielsen Erin Maternity Skirt. Version 1. Size S at waist blended to XS for hips.
Fabric: Coral and Navy Floral Scuba from Surge Fabric.

 Yes, I am aware the pic on the left is a little weird. Let's not talk about it. I included it because I love the contrasting stripes on the cardigan and that was the best view I had of it! This again is the Blackwood Cardigan by Helen's Closet. This was my first rendition and as you can see the sleeves are far too long. I shorted the black version by 3" in the arms. That is why I love sewing! This fabric was purchased black Friday of last year from a different shop. I'll blog about it eventually. Any sweater knit is great for this pattern. :) Also, no real need to blend sizes in this pattern like I did, straight small would have been fine because there are no closures.

 Side note for Scuba: The MN Erin skirt pattern says scuba is a fine choice but recommends 4 way stretch. This fabric only has two way but it is just too pretty to pass on so I made it work! It is actually still pretty comfy, if you decide to use a fabric with 2 way, I would recommend adding a back vent, though. The ponte is definitely easier to move it. I have worn it to work and will continue to do so though!

My final piece!

Skirt: Sinclair Amaya. Size 4.

I made a size 4 for this pattern and I had to take a TON in on the sides. I guess better too much than not enough, but it was a lot. I will size down for the next one. The Amaya Skirt works surprisingly well for maternity for not being a maternity piece! I don't think I'll be able to wear it into my 3rd trimester, but I didn't plan it as a maternity specific piece to begin with, so I'm perfectly fine with that. :)

Phew! I don't know if I spent more time typing or sewing. I hope this gives some of you mom's-to-be some inspiration for your maternity wardrobe. This, for me, is just a starting point that I'm going to continue to add to. I have been working really hard on sewing things that I can wear during and after pregnancy and so far all these pieces except the two Megan Nielsen skirts are not intended for maternity but are working great! Most of the tops that I have sewn and have planned are good for nursing as well. I love, love how they all work together. It takes a lot of the "planning" out of what to wear in the morning. Capsules FTW.

Thanks for reading to the end! I hope you'll check out these awesome designers as well as Surge Fabric Shop and join their Facebook group for all the updates on sales and new stockings!

No affiliate links are used in this blog post. I do, however, receive a discount for helping to promote Surge Fabric Shop.