Greenstyle: Norah Nighty

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I hope everyone is having an awesome Galentines day! <3 Today is my first official day on the job - so wish me luck! Maybe people will want to buy furniture from me... I *totally* look like I know about couches and occasional tables and chaises? So. I've got that going for me, I guess. 
Anywho. I sewed up the adorable Norah Nighty from my ever-favorite Greenstyle Creations. This pattern is over a year old I'm sure, and I purchased it during release and am JUST now sewing it. This is a trend for me, but I'm positive I'm not alone. It's the whole, "eyes bigger than stomach" scenario. "Pattern desire beyond sewing time."

You will see that I'm wearing leggings in this shoot, and it should be obvious why. Basically, nobody pays me to see that much skin. lol

For the Norah Nightgown, I chose size Extra Small based off of my bust measurement and I chose the "Sassy" length. (That's what the pattern calls it. GS words, not my own. :P I can hear my best friend laughing about the word sassy right now. It's so "branded" in the south that I cannot use the term "Sassy" having grown up there.)

This was my first time sewing two delicate layers as one. I tried my hardest to find basting spray at Joann's, but when the employee (without bothering to look at me) said, "it's on the the t-shirt aisle," I was super done, so I left. Haha, I have my days I suppose. 
So I just used a small zigzag to sew the two layers together before using it as one piece. The lace stretched and moved a little, but overall it worked better than expected. Especially because I was using the FOE method of trimming, it managed to cover most of the imperfections.

The pattern is pretty versatile. You have Optionssss! You can have a cross over bust, (like mine) or gathering. You can have knee, calf, or "sassy" length. You can trim it with stretch lace, lingerie elastic, or FOE. 

I didn't choose FOE, FOE chose me. The laces I had on hand just didn't match so I went with a solid black which turned out nicer than expected. Plus, I put it through the sleep test, I'm happy to report that BOTH of my tatas were INSIDE the nighty when I awoke. That's a win for me. No twisting or sliding. 

If / when I sew this again, I'll make a couple of changes. 
1. Sew the back straps 1/2" towards the center. 
2. Sew the skirt in size Small (per recommendation in the pattern for my measurements!) and potentially add 1" of width for a looser fitting skirt.
3. Sew mid calf length. I wasn't able to located a skirt-length-measurement-chart in the pattern and I failed to think about measuring it. I would have preferred something that covered most of my bottom as this fits more like a top.

The Norah comes with a pantie pattern, too! Thong and boyshort. I did sew up the thong which is not pictured. They are comfy but a little large in the belly-button-to-butt-crack area. (length?) I don't know how to refer to that area. Basically, I sewed the "low rise" and it's still pretty long. This causes me to push them down to a comfortable "below hip" area and makes wrinkles on the front. They are definitely comfortable and I'll still be wearing them, they'll just be my "comfort panties" not my "sexy panties." 

I really loved how professional the pattern turned out! The back looks phenomenal to me, very "Macy's Lingerie Aisle." I was also surprised how well the bust fits my small chest. If you're like me and not "blessed" it's drafted really well and should fit even "boy" girls like me. XD
 I loved how quick it was to sew, too! If you're considering something fun and handmade this Valentine's day, it's definitely do-able before the 14th! Remember Greenstyle has "no-trim pages." YUSS! That always gives me motivation. I can get sewing twice as fast if I don't have to cut four edges off of every pattern piece. 

This is my try at casual sexy. Does anyone really lean on walls like this? I guess I do now. Watch out world. I'ma learn to sexy wall lean. 

The constructions is pretty straight forward but the elastics can be a bit tricky, but if you're considering sewing your own lingerie this Valentine's, this one is such a simple construction, it's a wonderful place to start! Plus don't forgot that Greenstyle is still having a sale though the end of February, you can get 25% off of your entire purchase with code "Feb25"

So much love to you and your's, I hope you all have a fabulous, fun-filled Valentine's with those in your life that make your heart sing. 


Purple - Some sort of Ity from Joann's, about $8 / yard for 1.5yds = $12
Lace - Left over from a shirt I sewed last year
Elastic - $2
Thread - $.50

Estimated Total: $24.50 


  1. Great breakdown of the project! Its inspiring me to make my own cute shirt!

  2. Great breakdown of the project! Its inspiring me to make my own cute shirt!

  3. This came out nicely. Glad you didn't have any wardrobe malfunctions during the night. Lol. I really must get some FOE; but no one sells it here in Barbados so I'll have to order it online. Probably will end up having to pay twice what it costs just to get it here too.

    1. Thanks, Abigail! It's so comfy, too.
      It's really unfortunate that supplies are so expensive outside the U.S. There is an etsy site, (I don't know if she ships internationally) called Mary Supply. Her elastics and FOE are super affordable and still not bad if you paid double. It's worth a shot! Also, you can trim it with lace if that's more readily available. Good luck! I hope you're able to source some. :D