Sunday Lately: Week 61

The weeks are flying. February is almost all gone and I'm finally finding my own groove of things here in Washington. Here's my quick addition to Sunday Lately and below is some pictures and experiences from the Sewing and Stitchery Expo here in Washington.

On signing up for yoga classes in March! I'm excited by all the opportunity around me here in Olympia. It's just a city buzzing with community and events and activities. 

Loving Experiencing
Alone time. I am one of a family with six children. "Alone time" is a strange concept to me. I'm a social creature, even if that means we both sit in silence in the same room doing our own thing. Nick is working a lot and we have different schedules - so that means "me" time. So instead of my natural instinct of staying inside, I've been adventuring out to take pictures, explore the area, and most recently, go to Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, WA. (Pew-Wall-Up.)

Local flowers blooming.
Lots and lots of blogs! Mainly Lladybird (my personal style hero and a girl from my home state.), Madalynne, Closet Case Files (mainly her Sunday roundup posts which introduce me to new sewing blogs), Sally Oh, and Sew Busy Lizzy.

To meet my new nephew Vincent. My brother and his wife had their beautiful baby 10 days ago and I know he'll probably be a year old before I get to hold him. I love seeing all the pictures but my heart feels sad that I can't actually be there to meet him.

Thankful. Thankful for my family who sends me pictures of the babies that I've left behind. (nieces and nephews.) Thankful for my job and coworkers who make spending 10 hours a day selling furniture not so terrible. Thankful for the sunny days that Washington offers and the gorgeous views of Mount Rainier. Thankful for living IN town and having everything so close to me. 
Thankful to be healthy (after I kick this cold!) and thankful for the friends I do have that I get to keep in touch with. :)

Come join us next week for Sunday lately. The prompts are Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, Expecting.
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