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So It's not really a secret that I'm a Greenstyle Creations fan. If it is, well, secret's out! ;) When Angelyn started a new test for *new and fancy* workout leggings, I was thrilled to test them! This pattern is called the Stride Tights and they are my favorite thus far... let me tell you why.

The Stride Tights offer a TON of options. You can choose from full length, cropped, capri, or shorts. There is an optional crisscross cuff, waistband pocket, full diamond gusset, side pockets, and a killer design feature - the contrast piece connects in the back! It's very flattering and takes these tights from handmade into RTW clothing. 

As always, the testing experience was amazing - Angelyn takes tester feedback seriously. (and I'm never going to quit mentioning that so sorry, you'll read it every time. I think it is super important and not all designers do this!) I sewed a straight size small by following the size chart and they fit perfect. 

*Hello World. I have a confession*

This is what I want people to think I'm like ^^
But this is what I'm really like, haha vv
(The amount of photos I edit out is ... ridiculous.)

Take note of that side pocket! For this pair I chose capri length with a side pocket on each leg. It's much deeper than my ID, but I wanted to show that there was an opening there. It would be perfect for your debit card, ID, and some spare cash or a key. (maybe even an Ipod... Do those exist anymore? Ack! I'm getting old quick.)

This is the optional waistband pocket that can be put at the front or back of the tights and is perfect for holding your key safely. (I would show you a detail shot of the gusset because it is a full *awesome* diamond that stretches even in the splits - but I didn't want to cross the line into "Awkard crotch shots.") (because there is definitely a thing of "not-at-all-awkward crotch-shots.")

If you read my previous post on the Inspire Tights, you might remember that I had trouble putting in the waist band pocket... Well, history had to repeat itself and *this* was the SINGLE part I had to unpick and redo. (Read Kyema, READ!) But I asked Angelyn for some more pictures to aid in the directions and you'll never guess what she did... Oh... maybe you will. Yep, you're right. She added more pictures! YAY! Now it's pretty straightforward, even for me! 

Really, I'm just trying to be consistent. You know, ... bad at pockets the first time, just stay bad at sewing pockets. Consistency is a quality I hold dear to my heart.

The second pair a sewed is out of this world! (Insert eye-roll). I purchased this fabric from the and I'm only telling you that because the shipping BLEW MY MIND it arrived so fast. I am a forever fan. Plus she offers some gorgeous swim materials! 

This pair I chose capri length, too but with the more advanced optional crisscross bands at the bottom. These weren't hard, so don't be intimidated! If anything, just slightly time consuming to make the little straps - but totally worth it, don't you think? 
I also put one pocket on the right leg but the other is without. If I offer myself too many pockets I start pack-muleing... Lotion, M&M's, extra deodorant... It just gets real messy, real quick.

And here is my derriere, because you definitely needed to see this. But really, see how the side panels curve around and meet in the back? Does't that look awesome?! It's very flattering on all the versions I've seen - I'm not simply complementing myself. Haha. (The pattern placement on the right cheek just cracks me up, but totally unplanned. Just glad they don't match!)

So here I am using these tights to their full ability... Sitting. Isn't that the best way to model active wear? Me and my railing think so. 

Nick said I "look creepy" when I make eye contact with the camera.... So here ya go. Less creepy? I don't know. Help me with these things, I sew, I don't model. 
P.S. Why is my shoulder always so creepy? It never looks that large IRL... and don't mind my double jointed elbows... they always look scary. (I know, I know. Quit pointing that stuff out, right? You probably never would have notice how it rolls all the way around to the front... sometimes it's gag worthy but it's mild here. I'm done!)

The Stride Tights from Greenstyle are my new favorite piece of work out gear. I hope Angelyn never stops making new active wear because I love sewing it! These two testing processes have taught me so much and I'm really thankful that I was picked. Had I not been picked I feel that it would be many months/years before I attempted a pattern like this. I would have thought "that is above my skill level." If YOU are feeling that way. Don't. I'm not telling you how to feel or anything. But DON'T Feel that way. ;) The directions are so clear, I am so confident that you can do it, too! Don't wait to jump into active wear sewing, it's really rewarding and it definitely inspires me to do yoga or go to the gym - it's a super confident feeling knowing you made it and it looks like you bought it. Win. I just want to sing Stride Tights praise to who ever will listen. They are awesome! <3

Fabric for Purple pair was provided by Angelyn for testing purposes. The peacock fabric is nylon/Lycra from Ebay. The purple is an unknown mesh.
Fabric for the Galaxy Stride Tights: Both fabrics are nylon/Lycra (swimsuit fabric). Galaxy $11.49/yard for 1/yard plus Black $8.99/yard for 1/yard =  $20.48 plus $5 shipping. Fabric = $25.48
Notions: Thread $1.00, Clear Elastic $1.00
Total Estimated Cost: $27.48/2 pairs of Stride Tights =  $13.74. (About $19 each had I bought the material for the peacock pair, too.)

I was provided fabric for my first pair of tights and the final draft of the pattern free of charge from Angelyn of Greenstyle Creations but all opinions are my own. Sans fabric or free pattern, I still think these tights are damn awesome and you should probably add them to your workout collection, you will be happy and you will be lookin' fine. That is all.
Woot! My first participation in a sewing party! The gorgeous and classy Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons hosted a pattern party today for her two newest releases; the delicate Fifi pajamas and the cool and casual Bettine dress. I only purchased the Fifi... while the Bettine dress is cute on others, the elasticized waist isn't really my jam. While amazingly comfortable, it just never looks flattering on me.
I ended up getting the PDF because the overseas shipping was almost as much as the pattern. :C I had the sads, so I decided to print and make my pattern into a normal "book." Take a look. Now my pattern is as cute as my cami! Ok, onto the sewing...

Because it IS a party after all, I had to create hashtag bunting. I mean, c'mon. Bunting. I can't even handle how cute it is. #SewingFifi :)

The construction of Fifi was pretty straight forward. Most of the camisole is cut on the bias to give a nice, fluid drape. The back of the camisole is cut in three pieces to give subtle shaping. (Accentuate dem curves, girl.) and every damn seam is French and I loveee it! Feelin' Fancy. There isn't a single exposed seam on my jamjams. I could practically wear them inside out... if I were into that kind of thing.

I knew it before I started, but the bra cups are too big for my Fifis. 

(Yes, Tilly kept posting, "I love seeing all your Fifis...and that's not a euphemism." So I decided that Fifi is my new favorite euphemism.) 

They create this crazy tent like area over my chest that makes me akin to an 11 year old boy. I'm actually wearing a strapless bra to spare you. ;) For my next one, I'll definitely be doing an SBA. Tilly did a tutorial on it specifically for this pattern, which is awesome! Plus, it will be my first SBA. (Wish me luck!)

I really wasn't sure of the silhouette for the chest area on me, but the pattern looked so cute on the model that I did an impulse purchase and I'm glad I did because I feel really very adorable in these pajamas. (And it's a matching set ... ya know, who am I? The queen of England? You should see what I normally sleep in. *FeelingSpoiled*)

The fabric I chose is Art Gallery Voile. It met every bit of hype that I've heard, it's soft, drapey, vibrant, and easy to sew with. I need moar. The pink is some rayon yardage that I picked up at Goodwill for like a buck. Probably the next Fifi set I make will be out of the pink. :P

I purchased little rosettes to sew to the front of the camisole. I'll tell you, THIS really made it feel like it was a purchased garment. One. Simple. Rose. 

The devil fakin' amazing is in the details. (That is the saying, right?)

I added one more simple rose to the front of the shorts to quickly tell front from back... mostly because ...Knickers y'all...

Basically it's my goal to be as adorable as possible at all times - so Fifi is really helping me. How can you not feel awesome lounging or sleeping in matching, fancy-ass night clothes? Isn't this something only the rich people enjoy, along with such luxuries as pillows, toilet paper, and shoes without holes?

You bettah prepare yourselves because I'm whipping all my Fifis out. This blog is going to be covered in Fifis. 

Oh. P.S. new hair.

Fabric: Art Gallery Voile $10/yard for 2 yards =$20 +shipping. I used about a yard and half. 
Notions: Thread $.50 - Roses $.50
Total estimated cost:  $15.50