GreenStyle Patterns: Centerfield Raglan Hoodie

Is it just me or do you also find that the person you wish to be and the person that you are aren't always the same thing? Ok, that's a little deep. I'm mostly talking about sewing. Who knew that the feeling of inadequacy can seep over into hobbies, too? I wholeheartedly want to be a certain type of seamstress. I want to make all the patterns from Deer and Doe, Sewaholic, Grainline, and Closet Case. I want to tackle outdoor coats, jeans, and dresses with boning. But here I am, six years in and I just finished my first hoodie. I'm JUST to the point where I can make gentle mods to my patterns and not freak tf out. Don't get me wrong. I can do so much and I have done so much! I'm the pround owner of a coverstitch and I use it damnit! Still, I want to be better. 

This year has been great. I set a goal, and a tough one at that, and I've stuck to it! I haven't purchased a single article of clothing and it's really helped me narrow down what I need and it's forcing me to sew those items! So, less depresso - more espresso. The jeans will come... but for now, let's talk about this hoodie.

I didn't hem it. Don't judge me. I can't believe I live in Washington and I don't own a damn hoodie. It has been SO USEFUL! It rains. A lot. 

I used the Greenstyle Centerfield Raglan. I finally reprinted it, but chose a size Small instead of XS. My measurements put me in the XS, but I needed more room if I was going to get it over a tank top. I used the add on hood and then I decided to do exaggerated cuffs for the sleeves. Obviously inspired by all the "grow with me hoodies" that I've been sewing. I guess I'm all ready for my arm growth spurt... 

The sleeve mod is hardly a "mod" but a cute detail nonetheless. I cut the sleeves at the 3/4 sleeve length mark (I didn't even have to add a seam allowance because I was making the cuffs so big it didn't matter) and then doubled the rest of the sleeve length so that the "cuffs" would be "lined" so to speak. Easy peesy!

Greenstyle is definitely one of my top designers. Her patterns fit me. I'm more of an athletic build. (Disclaimer - I'm not saying I'm athletic, only that I have small boobs.) The pattern whips up really quickly and the add on pack has a cowl option, too. For me though, I need that head/rain protection, so I'll probably be making lots of hoodies. I didn't realize that it was a wardrobe necessity! The fabric is Double Brushed Poly from Surge Fabric Shop and it's so, so lovely. I don't wear a lot of floral for my tops, but the grey background is to die for. 

Pattern: Centerfield Raglan and Hoodie Add on pack
Fabric: DBP from Surge Fabric Shop
Size: Small

Make sure to check out both Greenstyle's Facebook Group and Surge Fabric Shop's Facebook Group!

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  1. Love it! Great post and great hoodie! Now you need to make the pacific pullover next.

    1. Purchased with your affiliate link and waiting on some strike off to sew it up! :D