Halla: Madeleine and New Surge Fabric Shop ITY!

Since the beginning of the year, I have been on a clothing buying hiatus. My New Year's Resolution was to not purchase any clothing in 2018. It's all been easy up until the point I realized I need work clothing. Have I mentioned I work all the time? Yep. Three 11 hours shifts, one 10 hour shift, and one 7 hour shift. It's outrageous. Some how I have more "fun" clothing than I do work clothes. I'm trying to change that ... at a snail's pace. -_-

I picked up the newish Halla Madeleine Cowl neck top as it's completely work appropriate and it looked like a simple sew, and it's flattering for my small *ahemm* bust. lol I paired this pattern with the new ITY line released by Surge Fabric Shop! God, I love this fabric. The color isn't something I normally go for, but it's so pretty! My husband has given me no less than five compliments on it. :P 

I chose the short sleeved ruched version of this top. Perfect for summer, and especially perfect with this stunning coral color. 

I sewed size 2/4 graded to 6/8 at the waist per my measurements. This is a standard adjustment on Halla patterns for me. I'm a little less curvy and than my husband likes to pretend. Hahaha the measurements don't like like friends do!

As far as the pattern goes, it was pretty easy to follow. I had a splitting migraine, so I'm wondering if all my complaints are due to the headache? I'll be making more so I'll update! 
1. I found it hard to find the back neckline chart. Turns out it's on the actual pattern piece. We'll chalk that one up to the headache. 
2. The order of the instructions confused me. It directed you on how to make the pleats first. I didn't understand that this was a step to refer back to after you begin constructing whichever style you chose, ie. ruched, short sleeved, etc. Then when the pleat part comes up, refer back to the beginning. 
Regardless, headache and all, I managed to get it done in 3.5 hours with only a small 20 minute nap and stopping to eat dinner. lol 

Despite the two small issues, I can't wait to make a few more of these! I already have another shipment of fabric on the way lol. Also, once you've made something once, things usually go smoother the following time around. 

This color and the other ITY colorways over at Surge Fabric Shop are gorgeous! Make sure you grab some before they sell out! It would make a wonderful dressing robe, MRT dress, culottes, or a cowl neck. ;)


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