Pattern Testing: Greenstyle Creations - Xpress Tank

It's been a little while since I've tested a pattern. I've been really loving finding my style and creating garments without a deadline and sewing up some older patterns I've owned for awhile. However, whenever Angelynn releases a new workout pattern, I love, love testing those! I end up using her patterns again and again for athletic attire. They always fit me so well and the instructions are always great.❤ 

I present the Xpress Tank from Greenstyle Creations! 

Bet you can't guess why it's called the 'Xpress Tank' ... ok, maybe you can. This literally takes 20 minutes from start to finish and I'll have it be known that I sew like a sloth. The Xpress is ONE pattern piece and only TWO seams and a quick hem a around the entire thing. 

For being one piece without darts, it fits surprisingly well! The tie back allows you to make the waist snug with room for your chest and waist. You also have a pointed back option and a round back option.  My favorite thing about this tank is that it has the cute crisscrossing on the back. Brings something special to an otherwise simple style. I've also noticed it's a RTW style. Lots of brands I follow are selling these similar tanks for $40. I made mine for under $10! It also pairs well with the Moxi shorts I sewed last summer. (Check out the review here) 

I was absolutely delighted that I had picked some Underarmour Wickaway fabric from my last order with Simply By Ti fabrics. I only picked up one yard , but that's all you need for any size of the Xpress Tank. This fabric doesn't have a ton of stretch, but it's perfect to use on the tie back. You have a little more flexibility with the tie back having those extra long tails. It's also wicking and a great color. Ti actually carries this fabric in purple, jade (pictured), and navy! 

This pattern comes in sizes 3XS to 3XL and every size uses only one yard! The pattern is no trim pages and has illustrated, detailed instructions to help you create a beautiful garment.

I sewed the XS based on my bust measurement and it fits great! I made a design choice to use the 'wrong side' of my coverstitch. I've seen this done in casual RTW clothes and thought it looked cute.  This is also the perfrct canvas to sport some HTV. I have a silhouette but have yet to set it up since we moved. A lot of testers used designs for their Xpress tanks and it looks great. Hoping to use some soon to create my own custom tank.

Also, don't forget that Greenstyle is holding a fitcapsule challenge to sew up three Greenstyle active-ware pieces to be entered to win some great prizes. There is still plenty of time as the challenge doesn't end until February 28th! You can join the fun on Facebook and see inspriation here. (P.S. There is a great coupon code for Simply by Ti Fabrics in the group as well!)  

Size: XS

This post does contain affiliate links for the pattern, thank you for supporting me in my sewing!


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    1. Thank you so much! I wear it a lot! It will get even more use once we take our bikes out. :)