Mimi G Style: Jessica Dress

Fabric was sponsored by Surge Fabric Shop and the pattern is a freebie from Mimi G Style! All sewing efforts and buttons were provided by myself. ;) 

Summer is scared of the PNW. It was 85 three weeks ago and now it's in the 50's. Make up your mind, Washington. I want to wear summer dresses. 

My first summer dress of the season came to fruition this week in the form of the new Jessica Dress pattern from Mimi G Style. Can you even believe this dress is FREE? Here's a link to the dress. You will have to sign up for the Mimi G Style mailing letter and you'll get the pattern in your inbox shortly afterwards. Be fast though, the link expires just 24 hours after you receive it!

If you're not a member already, the Surge Fabric Shop Facebook group features a new free pattern each Friday! It's a really fun way to showcase all the awesome free designs you can find and see them sewn as well as have someone who's made it make.
I sewed the free pattern this week and used some new rayon challis from the Surge Fabric shop. Kayla just got 10 new wovens into the shop and they're lovely. You can find them here. 

As for the pattern itself, it was pretty straight forward. I will say that Mimi G Style patterns don't have the typical "hand holding" instructions that a lot of PDF designers have. However, there is a video to accompany the pattern which is great for beginners and more visual learners. I confess, I just followed the instructions per usual so I could stream Survivor... #guiltypleasures

The bodice has a facing instead of a lining. It works well, keeps the entire dress really light. 

Two things. 
One: Make a muslin. This dress does NOT have a lot of ease. My measurements are 34" 27" and 36" and I sewed the straight size small. I could have blended the small at the waist and the XS at the chest, but with it being a paneled top I didn't want to take the edges in on the wrong panel. Now I see I could have just done the side seams. This is why you make a muslin. The waist in size small is designed for 28" and it still fits me snug. I am swimming in the 36" size small bust, though. Make. A. Muslin. It's worth it. 
Two: My buttons are 3/4" but you should choose smaller buttons than I did. The button panel hardly accommodated my buttons on the skirt portion. You should definitely choose 1/2" or smaller buttons if you want the dress to be perfect.

I tried really hard to channel my inner Mimi G, however I still look like I belong at a picnic in the park. LOL Mimi's "Jessica" makes her look fierce and high fashion. One day I'll get there. :*D

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