Striped Swallow Designs: Coachella Shorts

I love combining my favorite things. Sunshine and swimming. Ice cream and root beer. Friends and coffee. Surge Fabric and Striped Swallow Designs. I swear, his chambray was created specifically for being sewn into Coachella Shorts. /Swoon

Did you know that today is the LAST day to take 40% off of all Striped Swallow Designs Patterns? Check her Facebook Group here for all the details. It is SSD's fourth anniversary of her first pattern. (The girl's Coachella Shorts!) I'm happy to be sewing the Women's Coachella Shorts during Striped Swallow Designs Anniversary!

I aslo took full advantage of the awesome bundle deal that Surge Fabric offered for woven and trim to this past month. They have deals every week so make sure you follow along in their Facebook Group

Honestly, this is a "looser" outfit than I'm used to, but I love the combo of the shorts and tank. This is a RTW tank but could easily be recreated with your favorite loose fitting tee. Maybe the Moon Dance Tank?

The Coachella Shorts are a pretty easy sew. Like all Striped Swallow Designs Patterns, just follow the directions and you'll have an amazing piece! These are the second Coachella Shorts I've sewn, the last ones were in 2014!) and please DO follow all the instructions. You may think "Hmm, I could probably skip that basting step." DON'T. It makes turning the trim to the front SO much easier. I know from ... experience. Haha
I sewed size small, relaxed fit, low rise coachella shorts. My Waist is 27" and my Hips are 37".

Make sure you check out Striped Swallow Designs to take advantage of their biggest sale of the year!

Here are the links to the Black Chambray and Trim I used to create these shorts. You can join Surge Fabric Shop Facebook group to see all the deals and wonderful fabric creations using their fabric. :)


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