Raglan Pattern Tour: CKC Heathers

Here it is girls! My final raglan review... maybe forever. I have enough raglans now, haha. :) That means next week is our comparison post and fabric raffle. Make sure you check out Ti's final blog post, too. 

For my final piece, I sewed up the CKC Heather's Raglan. This shirt pattern has the option to to add ruffles to the shoulder and hemline, or to leave it plain like I've done. It sewed up similar to most raglans. Pretty direct and painless. :)

The one thing that stood out to me was the sleeve installation. Many traditional sleeves are set in when constructing a shirt, but every raglan shirt I've sewn, I've attached the sleeve before sewing the sides. This pattern had me attach sleeves in the round which I found a little awkward while the raglan had no sleeves / neckband. I could easily have attached the sleeve to the front and rear before sewing the sides, but in the interest of actually testing the pattern, I sewed then in the round. Also, as a beginner, you may not know that attaching flat is an option!

The may have you attach in the round to help keep the shoulder ruffles evenly disbursed if you choose that option, but I chose the regular version. 

Something cool about CKC is this pattern offered layerd printing, which is new to my knowledge for this brand. The other patterns I own by CKC don't have that option. Layers are always appreciated! Also, the front and back are the same piece with different necklines, so you cut the back fabric, then remove the extra neckline, then cut your front fabric. It makes the paper piecing a breeze because there are only a handful of pieces to glue together.

I liked the length without any modifications, though I feel the sleeves were a little loose when compared to the body of the raglan. In addition, the armpit area rode up a little, which I've noticed is common with Raglan shirts. However, this is the only raglan I tested that the sleeve is cut on the fold.

I chose to sew the plain version instead of the ruffles. However, if you choose to do the ruffles, they do provide a measurement chart for those and the neckband so you're not printing a bunch of rectangles.

Who should sew the CKC Heather Raglan? 
Anyone who wants to use the ruffles that the pattern offers and anyone who if familiar with CKC patterns! Or anyone who wants to match their daughter as they have a kid's Heather, too!

My final Raglan is cute a comfy! You can purchase the Heather Raglan here! Make sure you check back next week to see the round up and enter the fabric giveaway.

Printable pattern pages/copy shop version
Skill Level
Measurements for Rectangles
Line Drawings
Size made
Small 34-27-37
Options choosen
Regular, no ruffles
Fabric Requirement for your size
3/4 yard bodice
1/2 sleeves
Measurement Chart
Cutting Instructions
Pattern Printing Layout
Cutting Layout
Suggested Fabrics
Layer Printing Option
Neck Line Options
Ruffles or plain
Sleeve Options
Long, 3/4, short sleeve
Hem Options
Color Blocking
Seam Allowance
Hem Allowance
Separate add-on pack
Easy to read instructions
Drawing or photograph instructions


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