1 Puddle Lane: Miss Ruby Tuesday Dress

Hello August! My tomatoes are growing nicely in the garden, the cherry variation are plenty and I can see one red one outside right now! The heirloom are growing big too, but not any hint of red yet. Unfortunately, the gigantic orange jungle slugs got our peppers, but it's the first year with any plants, so we're still learning. 
Two more non-sewing related updates, one, I'm over 4 months pregnant! We should meet our sweet little lemon early next year. Two, I dropped my beloved camera of 12 years. It made a great excuse to get a new one and I picked up a new Nifty Fifty lens to go with it. It is true love. So you can look forward to seeing more pictures on the blog!

Onto the sewing! This is probably my favorite thing I have ever made. I seriously love this dress. I wore it to Seattle with friend the yesterday and received SO MANY COMPLIMENTS from absolute strangers. I wanted to shout, "I made it!" to everyone, however, as to not embarrass my friends, I just kept it cool and breathily said "hhaaaaa, thankssss." I am as awkward as I possibly can be most of the time.   

This is the famous Miss Ruby Tuesday from 1 Puddle Lane. I have owned this patter for over two years and this is the first time I've made it. It is not the first time I've printed and taped the pattern though. I procrastinate and then I lose pieces. I actually sewed it because I need maternity clothing. It doesn't look like it, but my belly is starting to poke out and I don't have clothing to fit the impending bump. MRT to the rescue! (So far, we'll see how it fits in a few months.)

I fit squarely into the size XS and I sewed it with no modifications. I do own both add on packs for the MRT (Bodice and Skirt). This dress is add on bodice "D" and the original circle skirt. I think for the next one I'll chose the skirt with the side seam pockets. I miss pockets for my phone. This is the circle skirt with one center back seam instead of the side seams. 

By this point you're probably screaming at your screen saying "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT LOVELY FABRIC?!" It's the ever trendy double brushed poly and I got it at So Sew English. That store has such a cult following and I can kind of see why. They stock very cute prints! I actually believe they're stocking more lemon fabric today! 8.2.18 but don't quote me. I think I saw an announcement on Facebook.

The whole dress would have come together (cutting fabric to hemming) in about two quick hours but I was fighting a migraine and I COULD NOT figure out the pleats. Honest, it took me and hour and forty minutes just to do 6 pleats. It was terrible. I have no idea why I struggle so much with the direction of pleats, but it was a puzzle I just couldn't crack.

FYI, this pattern and it's additions looks super expensive, but it's so affordable if you realize how well drafted the pattern is and how many options are included! I wouldn't say it's 100% beginner friendly, she does assume some sewing knowledge but overall they directions are good and the pattern fits beautifully.

Pattern: Miss Ruby Tuesday by 1 Puddle Lane
Bodice D with cap sleeves and original circle skirt with center back seam 
Size: XS
Fabric: Double brushed poly from So Sew English Fabrics

Photo cred to my amazing firecracker best friend, Katherine Davis.


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