New Horizons Designs: Portlander Pants

There's something awesome about being cozy on your days off. All of my sleepwear was purchased about 9 years ago. Yes, nine. So I thought it was time to discard the old and make something cute to lounge in. Let me introduce the pattern that needs absolutely no introduction because it's already wildly popular ... The Portlander Pants by New Horizons Designs!

This is actually my second pair but these ones fit PERFECTLY. I shorted the length by 1" and now they skim the ground ever so slightly when I walk but cover my heels completely when I sit with my knees tucked to my chest. (A typical seated "looking at my phone" position haha!)

I got this lovely, drapy, snuggly double brushed poly from Simply By Ti Fabrics. It's completely pajama approved, comfy approved, husband approved, stylish and cozy approved! The colors are so vibrant and these are probably my favorite pants ever. 

Ti has a special birthday sale going on all month and this week is 25% off of double brushed poly and cotton lycra! She has a ton of awesome prints that you can grab at a great discount. To get the code, make sure to join her Facebook Group here.

Makers note: Don't skip the pockets on these pants! They come together so quickly even with the pockets and it's SO nice to have pockets on pajamas. They fit my bulky phone and everything.

Side note: I use the term "night pants" which my husband thinks is crazy. He says "night pants" aren't a thing but that's what I've called pajamas ever since I can remember. Night shirt, night pants, etc. Am I crazy?! I had to keep remembering to type pajamas. He thinks night pants is like some term for pants you use to sneak around in the night. Hahaha

Size: XS and removed 1" from the length

There are no affiliate links in this post, but I did receive my fabric at a discounted price for my ambassadorship with Simply By Ti Fabrics. All opinions are my own, and you should certainly check out the killer sale she has going on all month. A new fabric type will be discounted each week. The best way to follow along is to join the Simply By Ti Facebook Group!


  1. I’ve never heard of night pants, but it did make me laugh 😆

    1. LOL Ok, I guess he wins this round. I thought everyone casually called them night pants but the more I say it, it does sound like a special ninja pant. Hahaha