Midnight Mountain Fabrics Watercolor Roses Preorder and Halla Elise Wrap Top

Hello Sewists out in the bloggersphere! If you're like me, you're always hunting for new fabrics and new patterns designers. Well, I have a treat for you. Or maybe you're already "in the know."

I sewed this GORGEOUS strike from Midnight Mountain Fabrics to make this darling top, Elise, from Halla Patterns. 

Both are exquisite and let me tell you why.

First, and most pressing, Midnight Mountain fabrics has these fabrics and a load of other colorways / stripes, coordinates, and gorgeous flowers on pre-order until April 25th. You can find all the options for the Watercolor Roses here. 

Midnight Mountain is a Canadian based fabric company that DOES NOT use stock images, so this ensures that all of their designs are 100% original art and are very unique! These flowers are literally hand-painted and that makes me love them all the more. I'm so ready for spring. 

Prices are expected for custom fabric, and the length of fabric is cut in meters, so for us in the US it feels like a bonus. Also, lets not forget that each transaction is processed in CAD. It's a win-win.

I used the Elise Top and Dress pattern to create this Peplum. I'll be honest, I don't wear this style very often, but it looks so cute on that I may be a convert. I love the detailing on the tabs and the unique (to me) ruching on the waistband. Construction was easy and straight-forward. I like that Halla has lots of options in their patterns. 

-2 pocket styles
-A-line or gathered
-Dress or peplum
-Tabs or no tabs
-Puffy sleeves or straight sleeves
-Layered printing options
-Ruched, straight, or no waistband

I chose the A-line peplum with straight sleeves, no pockets, ruched waistband, and tabs. I actually modified the sleeves to be more "cap" style, but it only gave it a small curved shape. I'm still experimenting with different itty bitty mods until I'm comfortable with them! Over all a success, but I'll shorten the armcye "inseam?" next time.

Last but not least, I sewed a straight size 2/4 HOWEVER!!! My waist measurement is a solid 27" instead of the 26" that the size I sewed calls for. Usually I am a 4 waist, 2 bust, 6 hip. Or whatever variation. 

-Bust -1
-Waist center
-hips +1

I did not grade, I did not modify, I did not give myself extra room. For this I am so sad! I'm spoiled on t-shirts that you can slightly fudge a size. With this quality of knit (slightly thicker) please measure yourself properly!

Ahh, at least my sister gets a pretty top. :)

Don't forget to get your pre-order for the Midnight Mountain Fabrics Watercolor Roses in before April 25th! You can find all the options here. and you can keep up with all the lasted Midnight Mountain news in the MMF Facebook Group!

The pattern I used can be purchased here, Elise Wrap Top and Dress. You can keep up with all the awesome Halla Creations in their Facebook group if you need more inspiration!

None of these links are affiliate links, but I did receive the fabric free of charge in exchange for photographing it after sewing! :)


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