Tadah Patterns: Men's Slim Fit Tee

I'm both extremely happy and frightened. I have created something amazing and I have also created a monster. Let's discuss. This past January I made my husband a tee for his birthday out of special, custom space-man fabric and obviously, before I made it, I made a "muslin" out of grey knit. So at this point, he had two shirts and kept exclaiming how comfortable and amazing the shirts were. So, being the awesome wife that I am, I picked up some Nike wickaway fabric from Simply by Ti fabrics and made him a new running shirt. Now his shirt count is up to three and he is "strongly encouraging" me to make ALL of his undershirts. He keeps hinting at how comfortable they are and how they don't shrink and how they don't come out of his pants when he bends over. *Siiiigh* I guess this is a good thing. :) I can mindlessly sew solid colors. Can I wait for his next birthday?

P.S. Getting him to take pictures is like pulling teeth. That has to be the deal. Let me take pictures and in exchange you'll get comfortable undershirts.

I got the Nike Wickaway fabric from Simply By Ti fabrics. This is the second color I've used. I sewed stride tights and used the same fabric in Cobolt here. I love it because it's very stretchy and breathable. It certainly feels premium!

I wanted to see how a true runner liked this fabric. My husband goes on casual Saturday runs. Turns out causal to me is about 300ft and casual to him has turned into 14 miles. These crazy Washingtonians. Running and being healthy. Tennessee asks, "What is that? Broccoli and running? Nope, I don't like that. Nope, I don't like that at all."

The pattern is Tadah Patterns Men's Slim Fit tee and I sewed a straight large crew neck option. This pattern comes in sizes XS to XXL and a V-Neck options, too. If you don't have experience with Tadah patterns, the drafting is very professional and there are all the expected pattern markings, etc. The instructions have drawings and are very clear. It's a "hold your hand" pattern which doesn't bother me in the slightest. If you know how to make it without the instructions, great! If you don't, there is plenty of info in the pattern to help you. The large fits great with no mods! Winning.

I LOVE this fabric and have used it for my own workout clothes. If you haven't sen it yet, it's thin, super stretchy, and very breathable. I think it's perfect for long runs! I looked at some of my husband's RTW workout shirts and I noticed that most of them had the seams cover-stitched down and so I tried my hand at it! I really love the look and the smooth feel to help prevent chafing but Devin said that he didn't really notice a difference. Switching from serging to cover-stitching may not be worth it if he can't tell the difference, but it was a fun look for this one.

Size: Large
Model: My lovely husband <3


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