Itch to Stitch Designs: Brasov Wrap Top

So, first up on my handmade wardrobe is more work clothes. It's finally time to admit it... I work five days a week (sometimes six) and ten hours a day. I'm at work no less than fifty hours per week and I have about two days of play which account for approximately thirty-two hours of "free time." I don't need more dresses, I need more work clothes. Warm work clothes.

Let me introduce you to my new favorite blouse, the Brasov Wrap Top from Itch to Stitch Designs.
I have loved Kennis' Designs for awhile now. They have the professional drafting of "the big 4" (notching, markings, grainlines, finishing techniques, etc) but with better sizing and directions but the benefit of her group which allows you to ask questions!

At first, I wasn't convinced on this design. I am a small busted girl and high necklines can look unflattering on me so I wanted something lower cut. But after sewing this up, I can't wait to make more. I'll be real with you, including cutting, this top took me about 4 hours which I feel is super excessive. It has a lot of details, but next one should be about half that time. Maybe I was just slow moving.

My standard size in ITS is 0/2/4 bust/waist/hip but since this was knit I chose to do 0/0/4 since I like a more fitted blouse. The only changes I made were on the shoulder pleats. I sewed them 2.5" down (the same as the waist pleats) because I misread the pattern. Turns out, if you're small busted, Kennis suggests you lengthen the shoulder pleats anyway! Accidental win!

I bought the fabric from Cali Fabrics when they had their black Friday sale. It's DBP. I believe they still have white in stock but the black is almost gone. It's soft, cozy, and stretchy. Just what you'd expect from DBP.

I already have two more planned. For the next one, I'll size down once again. 00/0/2. The one thing I noticed is because I sized up on the hips two sizes the ends poke out to form kind of a bell shape. So I'll avoid that this time by keeping the waist and hip portion a more similar size. Plus it's knit, so it will stretch! My measurements are 32/27/37 and finished garment for 00/0/2 are 34/28/36

This has been an awesome addition to my work wardrobe and it's warm! Glad to have my closet growing with professional clothing. Thank you, Kennis!

Pattern: Brasov Wrap Top
Size: 0/0/2

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  1. This turned out gorgeous! I need to go make one now. :)