Greenstyle: Stride Tights & Centerfield Raglan

Hello 2018! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and New Year thus far. Have you made any sewing resolutions? I have made my biggest one to date. This year I'm going to make 98% of my clothes. Why 98%? Well, I really need jeans and work pants and I'm not attempting bras yet. So I've allowed myself to buy two pairs of jeans, 2 work pants and any bras if needed but everything else is off the table! I'm really excited for this adventure and to finally fill out my work wardrobe. So I've jumped in head first and sewed several pieces this year already. 

Since it's health and wellness month, I'll share my first makes of the year, workout attire! I sewed this at the perfect time, too. Greenstyle Creations is having their second fit capsule with prizes, patterns and fabric discounts, and lots of excited people sewing workout clothing to keep their fitness resolutions. You can join in the fun here. 

For my first 2 pieces of the fitcapsule, I sew up my forever favorite Stride Tights and the Centerfield Raglan.  The raglan is great because it can be a casual shirt or a workout top with the change of fabrics. 

This awesome fabric is from one of my favorite shops,  Simply By Ti Fabrics. She carries really nice brandname athletic fabrics like Nike and Underarmour. I could gush about this black Underarmour wickaway fabric forever... It's plush and soft and way warm, it's my favorite fabric for leggings, hands down. It hugs like second skin.

There's not a lot to say about the stride tights that I haven't already said, but damn. These are my absolute favorite. If you've only sewn these with swim like me previously, please do your legs a favor and try some nice quality material like the wickaway fabric mentioned above. As for the raglan, I'll probably size up next time... same comments that I made before but I chose the same size again. I need to do myself a favor and reprint the pattern. :) Its certainly cozy and I'm happy to have a long sleeve. My wardrobe is severely lacking in any warm clothing. Guess I'm a summertime kinda gal.

So here are my first pieces of my capsule! I'm so excited for 2018, more sewing,  more blogging,  more mental and physical health. Has anyone else taken the pledge to sew their wardrobe this year? 


Please join the fitcapsule to receive a discount code for Simply by Ti Fabrics and on all Greenstyle Athletic Patterns!

Fabric was provided by simply by ti fabrics for this post, though all my opinions are honest.


  1. These look awesome!!! I nearly got that blue for mine, but I really was struggling to visualize what it would look like based on their website image. I feel a lot more confident about getting this next time!

    1. That's awesome to hear. I really love this fabric, it breathes so well. I recently made my husband a workout tee out of the Navy and he swears by it.