Pattern Testing: GreenStyle - Moxi Shorts

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The craziness is over! My wedding was wonderful, thank you for asking. I'd love to say I'm basking in sunny Cabo right now, but really I'm sitting in a freezing building in Gig Harbor Washington looking longingly at the bright sun rays shining outside wishing I was hiking Mt. Rainier or lounging on the beach. Family has come and gone, and now it's (as Rhianna so eloquently put it.) Work, work, work for the holiday weekend. Speaking of the weekend and sunny, sunny Summer, if you aren't workout ready, or activity ready, you should definitely check out the new workout pattern from Greenstyle Creations. Angelynn has been leading the pack with awesome active wear patterns that have quickly become my favorite.

Let me introduce you to your new Summer crush, the Greenstyle Creations Moxi Shorts

The Moxi Shorts Feature
-Sizes 0-18 (hips size from 31" - 52")
-Waistband Zipper Pocket
-Briefs or Thong option
-Add-on Compression shorts
-Layered Printing (Also A4)
-No Trim Pages
-Sew with knit or stretch woven

I wore these for a quick jont in the park. Ghaa. It's so awkward to have someone take pictures as you run by them ... regardless. Here's how these shorts look while in motion. :P I used clear elastic in the waistband as recommended in the pattern and they hug tight enough to stay up while running but not so tight that they're uncomfortable. The fit is pure Goldilocks. 

The pattern is designed with bias trim to outline and give that true ready to wear look that you'd get from Nike or Underarmor. Honestly, they fit and feel just like my other running shorts if not a tad more comfortable because the waist is smooth rather than scrunched with elastic. I chose to sew the Moxi's in the recommended stretch woven and I attempted to do the bias the same, however stretch woven does not want to press without starch. (Lesson Learned, Starch Purchased) so I got creative and used the same nylon lycra for the bias trim as I used on the waistband. It actually sewed very smoothly when I did a single fold on the bias. 

I sewed the size 6 and I may try the size 4 next. (I'm sewing a pair for my sister who's a tad smaller than I.) So it will be a great opportunity to see which size I like better. My legs feel rather tiny in these, but I did discover that Angelynn made a "skinny leg" section to help you modify these shorts if you have "skinny legs." (This is news to me.) 

I think my favorite part of this pattern is the amount of time that Angelynn put into making the pattern perfect. Revision after revision she worked to create a pair of amazing running, beach, workout, hiking, lounging, active wearing shorts that look like the $60 kind you'd buy at some sporting goods store. No thanks. I'll make my own. ;)

Fabric - 1yd stretch woven from Fabric Fairy $9.99
Nylon Lycra I had on hand
Shipping - ....6.50?

Notions - Clear elastic, thread $.50
Estimated Total Cost $26.99 less the pattern, 16.99. Not bad for active wear. :D
*I received this pattern for free for testing it before it's release.*

I have two more pair cut that will definitely see some Washington hiking trails this Summer... if I ever get a day off. :D


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