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It's 2016 and I can't believe it! You'd think after 23 years I could "believe" a new year, but I just can't. Every year flies by quicker and quicker. This year has brought a ton of changes! I left in November for a month-long family trip to Guatemala and returned only to move dead across the county. So I now reside in Washington if any of you northwestern lasses want to have a sewing meetup. :)

So - Confession time. This ISN'T actually my first sew of 2016. I sewed something else that I'm currently wearing right now! But the pictures and details are being saved for a blog series that debuted in February. It's super exciting if you sew for yourself and you'll definitely want to come back and check it out! However, even though this is my SECOND sew, it's still so cute and fun that it deserved it's own post! 

 For this month's ambassador program I chose a baby pattern. (Mostly because I'm expecting... 
To not have a baby for another long while.) Though my sister-in-law is pregnant. Very much pregnant. In fact, it's going to be my second nephew after four nieces! So everyone in the family is pretty excited to buy (or sew) some cute boy clothing. :) 

This pattern is "Lullaby Line Baby Gown" from Peek-a-Boo Patterns and I got it through Go To Patterns site. Go To Patterns is a site where they pre-review patterns for quality before they offer them for sale. In this way they insure that you're getting a great pattern for your money. So far, I have loved all of the garments that I've sewn using Go To Patterns! 

I wanted to sew a gown because I heard they are super convenient for babies. You know. Diapers and such - Plus, this gown featured those cute and useful fold over mitts that protect the baby's face from their talons fingernails. (The back of the mitts it juuust peeking out from the top of the sleeve.)

(Now reviewing my sewing, I can't imagine my reasoning behind doing a white zigzag. Guess to match the neckline top stitching? Let's hope baby V isn't too fashion-conscious)

The bottom of the gown is elasticized which makes for easy changing, easy dressing, and also cinches a little to help keep the chilly winter air off babe's legs.

The neckline features the cute and useful "envelope-fold" neck detail . Useful in case of a blowout. (My god, is there a more disgusting term? I hate the word blowout almost as much as I hate dealing with a baby blowout. Let's terminate this conversation.)

I loved how quick and easy this gown came together. Such a cute baby gift, I know the parents will love it. Especially with the airplane detail, my brother is active duty Air Force and his wife is an Air Force Veteran, so they have flown a lot. :D 

Pattern: Lullaby Line Baby Gown $7.95 at Go To Patterns
Fabric: Interlock from Summit Fabrics and More on FB $10/yard for 5/8 yard = $6.25
Notions: Thread $.50
Elastic $.50

Total estimated cost: $7.25

I received the Lullaby Line Baby Gown pattern from Go To Patterns for free as part of the Brand Ambassador program. All opinions on this pattern and Go To Patterns are my own. I do receive a small commission if you purchase from the Go To Patterns site that I've linked, it helps me buy more fabric, needles, and coffee.


  1. Kyema, I forgot how much I love reading your posts. "Let's terminate this conversation." Hahaha. Baby stuff is really just a bunch of gross shit that gets dismissed because said baby is super cute. And don't sweat the white topstitching! It actually looks really clean so it works. Some of my topstitching is less than stellar....okay, a lot of it. It's my weakness.

    1. Lol thank you, I know what you mean. They are cute so you love them then they grow and turn into fun, cute things so you continue to forgive the grossness that kids can be. ;)

    2. Lol thank you, I know what you mean. They are cute so you love them then they grow and turn into fun, cute things so you continue to forgive the grossness that kids can be. ;)