Kitschy Coo: Lady Skater Dress

I almost started this post with "not pattern testing" ;) but this wasn't exactly a completely "for me sew" either ... I promised my sister this dress with different fabric, so this was my muslin version of a pattern I purchased for her. I'm so happy with it! In fact, I texted her a picture of this and she said "is that my dress?!" and I had to tell her no. Hahaha :) She's getting a cool one though, you'll see it soon!

These pictures were taken by my sister outside my parents house and the lighting was so awesome - I only wish I had a different model so I could take the photos. I'm so particular, I must be a freakin' nightmare to take photos of. Love you, loved ones who help me, even if I'm a little shit when you didn't tell me my hair was puffy during prime, gorgeous, golden-light hour. 

Onto the dress! I love this fabric. I love, love it! I got it from Summit Fabrics and More on Facebook. She's from North Pole, Ak and I visited the North Pole once so, that's cool. (They have candy cane light poles. Legit.)

The pattern is the famous Lady Skater Dress that everyone has made at least once in their life. And for good reason! It's comfortable, cute, and fits great. Some of my favorites are from the ever loved Lladybird from right here in Nasvhille. <3 Here is her Lady Skater Tag if you want to see the ones she's made. :D

My not so secret, secret: I've always wanted to be a fairy.

I wish I could write a fountain about this dress but I don't think that there is anything left to say about the actual dress. I sewed a size 3 and it fits great. I like that the pattern has you put the seam of the neck band in line with the shoulder - it makes it more seamless. I've gotten tons of compliments on this dress, even from my boss who is always telling me i'm breaking dress code. (Rebel) I originally left the dress un-hemmed as to keep the length so it would be "work appropriate" but now I just like the look of it with the birds.

I see more of these in my future, I feel like I need a wine red dress with 3/4 length sleeves and a cowl neck. 

Pattern: Lady Skater $11.14
Fabric: Poe Birds on White 2/yards at $9 yard = $18
Clear Elastic for waist and shoulders: $.50
Thread and Needle: $.50
Approximated total cost: $30.14

Just for fun, here's my sister and her friend that I snapped after my photos were taken. I'm so super proud of this lighting - because obviously light is something to be proud of - as if I make light.....


  1. Love your dress! I need to get that pattern already! Doesn't good lighting make all the difference? I get so excited over photos with good light. :)

    1. Thank you Kim! I waited forever to get the dress and finally did because my sister wanted one and I'm sorry I waited so long because it's so cute and comfortable. :D I now need a million of them!