The Good, Bad, and Ugly - Free Spirit / Nettie Mashup

*Do you like the use of my Oxford Comma? If you know what that is and you share the same opinion on said comma, we are friends.*

Don't ask me why I look like I want to murder someone. Maybe it's because this shirt turned out shitty? I'm not sure. Don't judge. That's just my face.

P.S. Those are not pickles on my shirt. Just sayin'. Not pickles.

As a rule, I like tighter fitting clothing but I loved the flowy-ness of the Free Spirit Tank from P4P though, for some unknown reason I decided that I wanted it to be flowy but not too flowy... so I removed the very feature of the shirt that it's based on... because - that's normal.

I mashed it up with the Nettie Body Suit from Closet Case Files (Which is known for being ... a bodysuit ... so tight. haha). I used the Nettie neckline, and tapered from the size 10 Nettie to the handkerchief hem of the FST. And... this is the result. HA! HA! 

Now that I'm done making fun of myself, I can say that I DO love the neckline. I chose to turn under and hem rather than put on neck and arm bands. I like the result, though it has made the neckline a little wide so the straps are prone to slip off my shoulders.

This pics were taken pre-haircut with crazy hair. I would say "crazy hair; don't care" but I'm mentioning it so obviously I do care a little. #Insecurities! ;)

This knit hangs a little funk. It's really soft, but it's Hobby Lobby knit. (Basically this means I don't expect much) I like the style of the hem and maybe next time I'll try to not hussy up my clothes and have a flowy tank like a normal human. And I suppose I'll continue to blog my "not so successful makes" - maybe I'll look back and be like, "dayum... I've gotten so much better!" In a few years.

All in all I do still wear this shirt and it looks cute with a pair of skinnies and a cardigan for work but next time I'll leave the pattern mashing to the pros D: 

P.S. Why isn't Flowy a word? It's not spelled flowey either... flowie. None. Flowing. Sure English - make watery a word but not flowy. You totally make sense.

Not pickle fabric from Hobby Lobby - $6.49/yard for 1 yard = $6.49
Notions: Thread $.50
Total $6.99 for a new top. :D 

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