Summer is almost here and I have been spending my non work days basking in the sunshine with my Zoes. Sister Zoe and Baby Zoe! Washington is getting hotter and this is the perfect summer top to wear out and about to keep cool. 

This is the newest release from Striped Swallow Designs - The Women's Daybreak Top. It comes with a few fun options to mix up your summer attire and keep things fun. Below I have sewed the V-Neck, High Hip, Front Tie Option. 

I tested this pattern before it's release and it was really quick and easy. I really liked that I was able to use my sewing machine while making this. I end up feeling guilty when I only use my serger. Lol my sewing machine is so nice and hardly gets used!

The Daybreak features
-Faux Button Placket
-V-Neck or Scoop Neck
-Halter or Tank Options
-High Hip or Crop Top
-Tie or No Tie

All Striped Swallow Designs patterns have layers, A0 printing options, and no trim pages. <3

I was ecstatic to test this top because I recently fell just below my pre pregnancy weight and I am so ready and excited to be wearing normal fashion again. I especially love that this top has a faux button placket. My buttons blend in *too* well but it's a really fun detail. This faux placket matches a RTW top I have had for awhile now and kept saying "I need to recreate that." Mandalynn is in my head. :P

One quick pro tip: Pay attention to the fold lines on the pattern while making this garment. I made the mistake of ASSuming that it was on the center fold, (which looking back makes 0 sense!) and I had to pick a whole row of stitches. Boo. Mark your pattern pieces, people!

I hope you are going to join me in getting ready for summer by sewing up some cute warm weather clothing. The Daybreak is on sale through Friday 5/10/19 with code DAYBREAK. Here's a link to the (Not an affiliate link.)

Hey friends, I made a second outfit for my Fit Capsule as part of Greenstyles challenge. I went old school and picked the Inspire Tights because this fabric is rad and I didn't want to break it up or block it.

Both my top and my tights are part of the capsule. My tank is Striped Swallow Designs Harbor Knot Tank (simple version.) and I pieced it together from some scraps, hence the seam at the shoulders. I told myself it just looks sporty. :P It's made from the 125gsm ABP from Surge Fabric. I bought 2 yards and made my husband a workout tee and a pair of Comox unders to match for Valentine's. I had just under 3/4 of a yard so I picked up my modified HKT and pieced together the shoulder part and now I have an awesome, perfectly my style tank to throw on with all the tights I've been sewing. 

This is the third time I've made the Inspire tights. The last time was in 2015 when I tested the pattern! I completely forgot that I could eliminate the side seam, so naturally I cut it wrong and had to sew the side seam anyway. The only modification that I made was to use the gusset piece from the stride tights which is a little bigger than the one in the inspire tights. I cut the crotch area with the stride pattern and then cut the rest with the inspire pattern. 

This rad fabric is also from Surge. It is the premium athletic. With one yard I was able to get enough fabric for these tights and the power bra! I haven't sewn that one up yet, but it's stacked up in my "to sew" pile. For anyone wondering, the premium athletic is a great, thick material. It is less compressive than circular knit, but it has plenty of compression for workout tights. It would be nice for late winter or spring running, or obviously just dorking around the house. :)

For anyone who is feeling the basics more, Surge has quite a few solid colors of the premium athletic fabric, too! If you are on the fence, I definitely recommend trying this!

Side note: I reversed cover stitched all the seams to add style and strength. I DO NOT RECOMMEND trying to cover stitch the inner leg seam. It literally almost killed me. Hahaha

Top: Harbor Knot Tee, Simple (modified, blogged about here.)
Size: XS
Bottoms: Inspire Tights
Fabric: Premium Athletic 
Size: Small

Hey. I don't normally write about kid's patterns that I sew, but I thought this one was interesting. Plus, my baby is cute so here ya go.

My chonky Zoe Lou is 2 months old today and my heart is melting like butter on a hot pan. My resolution is to sew her "month" outfits this year. 2 down, 10 to go!

For her second outfit I chose B+T 113. AKA "Breezy Romper." I've looked at a million cute renditions on their FB page and had to buy it. The pattern has good instructions for the placket. I think this is the first placket I've ever made? Strange, as I've been sewing for almost 7 years. I think I did pretty good! This gorgeous fabric is a discontinued print from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. I love their designs.

(She started smiling recently. She's not sure if she likes it or not yet. lol)

The pattern leaves more "raw edges" than I would prefer. By that I mean, the placket top where it connects to the neckband and where the front and back meet under the armpit, those are turned under but the serger edge just has to be tucked back and sewn down I guess? There is no other seam that crosses it and you don't turn these areas under. I tried to find another option because somehow the threads always show on the outside of the garment for me and I can't tuck them in tight enough. I don't know if that makes sense, but it is a little frustrating. If anyone has any ideas of a better way to finish these seams, please share with me, I would be delighted.

Also, I didn't get in the pattern how to attach the sleeve properly and since it's just a cap sleeve the sleeve is never sewn to itself. So I had these awkward raw edges that poked out. I tucked them in and sewed a second seam and it turned out ok, but as you can see on that left arm, it definitely curls in on itself. 

I set these snaps with a press and they are slightly wonky. Oh well. I have looked and looked for a table top press with no luck. Please let me know if you know of any! :)

Lastly, I had trouble with the leg elastic. It seems that it's way to stretched. All that being said, I like the design and most of my woes are all my fault. I want to whip up a few more for the spring and summer. Easy on, easy off, cute on my baby. 

Bonus pic of my sweet Zoe Lou.
 She's always "doin' a concern."
(This is one of those pics that I think "eh" about now but I will be happy to have in 10 years.)

Pattern: Brindille and Twig 113 Breezy Romper
Fabric: Raspberry Creek Fabrics (This print is discontinued, but sometimes she runs old prints. Best to check in her FB group.)
Headband: Tutorial from Sew Not Perfect. (fits TTS! and a super simple sew.) 
This post contains affiliate links

Greenstyle kills it with the fitness patterns and I am so thankful to be living in 2019 where we have someone designing stuff like this! I remember just a few years ago the indie scene was baron of athletic wear and the big 4 only had patterns your aunt Karen would have worn back in 1973.
Hello future. You are amazing.

This is the newest "athletic tights" pattern from Greenstyle, and to be fair, they're not even all that new. I think the Super G Tights came out early 2018. Last year was different than any other year for me, though, as I spent the majority of it pregnant. Pregnancy is not a joke, guys. It's weird and wonderful. I was so lucky to have a relatively easy one and end up with a beautiful baby girl. Do I talk about my baby enough? Do you get it? I have a kid. This is what moms do and I'm sorry, it's probably pretty obnoxious. haha I cut these out pregnancy and just now finished them. Thank god they fit! <3

I made these in size XS and they fit great! They're called the Super G's because they have a super long gusset which allows for the most advanced yoga moves and the most energetic couch potatoing. I've been wearing them for approximately 4 days. I keep meaning to take them off, but it's just not in the stars. I considered showering in them, but that was a step too far. 

The pockets are probably my favorite feature. I actually said out loud to my husband, "I have no idea why I waste my time on pockets on leggings, I NEVER USE THEM because my phone case won't fit in them." Then I followed the super clean construction of the pockets on these tights and finished them and BAM! My phone fits great and I'm so happy I wasted my time on pockets. They are the best!

I got this awesome fabric from Surge Fabric Shop. It's a Nylon ATY Circular Knit and and thick and plush without being too warm. I've tried circular knit in the past and it wasn't love, but these stay up and allow me to move easily. 10/10 will wear again. I can't decide on the next color I want! Is gray too boring? Is pink to twee? 

Anyone else have their significant other take their photos? Somehow. (and I'm not calling anyone out.) but SOMEHOW I always end up with no less than 9 or so butt pictures that I have to sort through and delete. Like, WHO IS COLLECTING THESE? -_-

These tights were constructed on my serger and I took the extra time to coverstitch all the seams that I could. I only couldn't do the back half of the gusset.... let's hope that doesn't come back to "pop me in the butt." I was using my sewing machine to attach the clear elastic when the thread kept breaking / twisting / the needle skipping stitches and then it dawned on me, use the danged coverstitch to attach the elastic. Now I'm kicking myself that I never thought of that before. What the heck is wrong with me?!

See that amazing gusset?! Also, how to women wear leggings with sneakers? It never doesn't look dumb to me. Yet, here we are.

Content: 87% Nylon/13% Spandex
Weight: 310gsm 
Width: 58/60"
Stretch Percentages: 100%horizontal/50%vertical
Size: XS
Pockets option with no modifications

There is a sale going on for both Surge's athletic fabric and for Greenstyle's athletic patterns! Greenstyle is hosting their annual Fit Capsule SAL and it is a ton of fun! If you want to check it out, and find out more about the sale you can look at Greenstyle's Facebook group and Surge Fabric's Facebook group.

You can find my other athletic tight sews by Greenstyle here and here,
and you can see all about my top here.
This week marks 6 weeks post postpartum and I am finally starting to feel like myself again since about week 5. It's nice! I measured myself at 2 weeks after Zoe Lou was born and my waist was 2" bigger! I didn't have a lot of extra weight but apparently some. I remeasure and I'm at 28" for my waist, only one inch up from pre-pregnancy. If I didn't sew, I'd never measure myself 3 weeks after having a baby. Just wouldn't be something I'd torture myself with but when you sew, you need to know! I decided to make my original size of this dress, size 4, and it fits beautifully!

The idea was to sew a dress for Valentine's Day but if I'm being real, we're not going out for a hot date for a long time. I'll probably cook something yummy and use the awesome keyhole in the dress to nurse. Haha at least it's on theme with the red and the polka dots! I picked up this lovely DBP from Surge Fabric Shop.

The Aphrodite Dress came together so quickly. I cut it yesterday and sewed it up during morning nap time. The hardest part was top stitching the ties. It was only difficult because I was too lazy to change from my quilting foot to my walking foot. My problem.

This is also unhemmed. We have very limited daylight and I ain't got time to waste!

I didn't do the modesty panel, but it kinda looks like I did. This is a RTW VS bralette. No one told me that you simply cannot wear normal bras while nursing. It's not practical. So now I'm living in my 3 rtw bralettes and my one nursing bra that I've made.

Are you sewing anything for Valentine's Day? 

Size: 4